Wednesday 31 May 2006

80s Wednesday

Okay, since I've been browsing through Wikipedia so often during the last few days, and happened to stop by the Rogue entry... I've decided to make her my pick for today.

So I wasn't exactly into the X-Men back in the 80s. I wasn't a comic book kinda kid -- ever! Still not, really. I enjoy checking out the odd graphic novel but that's about it. Still, animation's another story...

But anyway, this character was introduced in 1981 by writer Chris Claremont and artist Michael Golden. Here's the gist about her life (thanks to Wikipedia, of course!):

More than most mutants, Rogue considers her powers a curse. She involuntarily absorbs the memories, physical strength, and, in the case of super-powered persons, abilities of anyone she touches. This prevents her from making physical contact with others, including her longtime love interest Gambit.

Hailing from Mississippi, she is the X-Men's self-described southern belle. A runaway, she was adopted by Mystique of the Brotherhood of Mutants but turned to the X-Men after Mystique ordered her to permanently absorb the super strength and ability to fly from the superhero Ms. Marvel.

Rogue has been a popular and consistent member of the X-Men since the 1980s. She has been featured in most X-Men animated series and video games.

She is just so darn cool! And has a thing for Gambit! My gosh... is there anything negative about this gal? Okay, okay, so she can't touch anyone without absorbing their strength and memories, but hey, that's what gloves are for, right? He. He.

Anyway, don't mean to sound insensitive. I think she's ultra cool, and the best chick in the group - considering the good and bad gals. That's what I think, anyway. And I just know, that as a kid, I would've definitely loved checking out what this superhero mutant could do. I just wish the movies would've given her the justice she deserves...


I finished this book yesterday afternoon, and really enjoyed it! Every available minute I had, I spent reading a little more... until I got to the end. Wow, what a cool book! I know I'll definitely check out the books that follow. Just gotta wait for the paperbacks! Lol.

Anyway, the story's about an ex-vice cop called Gwen Gellman who now works as a private investigator in Providence. She has a psychic ability she doesn't understand. Her latest case involves a 14-year-old that's gone missing, under really strange circumstances. Anyway, there's so much more to this tale and the intricacy just grows as the story moves along. She's a really likeable character with many flaws. But I still liked her and the array of characters introduced.

I'm really looking forward to reading more about Gwen, especially now that she found out some truths about herself. If you're looking for a really interesting mystery entwined with some dark fantasy, I really recommend this book. When I got to the end, the only bad thing was I wanted to keep reading... It was a lot of fun.

Saturday 27 May 2006


This is the second Dirk & Steele novel by Marjorie M. Liu. It's Artur's story. And what a story it is. Though he becomes isolated from the rest of the agency, the world these characters inhabit is widened further. We get to find out some very interesting things.

Artur can see, feel things with a single touch and Elena can heal people with the touch of her hand. Quite an amazing couple and when they meet, the connection is amazing!

There's just so much more to this story, and I really don't want to give anything away. So I'll just recommend it by saying there's a bit of everything in this book. If you haven't already checked it out, you gotta! And if you have, go ahead and share your opinion...

Can't wait for the next one in this series, it's out in July!

Wednesday 24 May 2006

80s Wednesday

Who doesn't remember this movie? Man, when this was released I was so freaked out -- couldn't wait to see it. But of course, I didn't watch it at the cinema... but when I did eventually watch it, I was captivated. It was such a freaky concept. Sarah Connor was an awesome, strong female character (who is even stronger in the second movie!) flung into some really weird stuff - unbelievable stuff that has a cyborg sent back from the future to kill her before she can have John Connor because he leads a human resistance against the machines. And if that's not enough, his father is sent back by John to help save his mother so he can be born...

My gosh, what a spin out! And mind you, while this psycho cyborg's hunting her down, there's this really cute future guy trying to help her. Except, he sounds like he's nuts! Talking about machines and the future. If that's not a bizarre situation, I don't know what is. I love it! This is one of my fave movies. Haven't watched it for a long time but I'm sure I'd still enjoy watching it. Besides, it's got Michael Biehn in it! ;)

Wednesday 17 May 2006

80s Wednesday

And today I picked:


You know, the other day when we were using the Totalgym I couldn't help but think of Chuck Norris. I mean, he sponsors the product, right? He. He. And when I was a kid and my family got a VHS video player (VCR) in the early 80s, we started watching Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies. And Chuckie had a whole bunch of action movies out during that decade, didn't he?
There were a lot! And as a kid I gotta say, I enjoyed watching him kick butt. The one's I remember more clearly are Lonewolf McQuade, the Missing In Action movies and The Delta Force. Ah, The Delta Force. I think he had a cute partner in this one and I watched it a thousand times! Lol! Hey, I was pretty young, okay? And I can't even remember what the actor's name was...

Anyway, back to Chuck. I mean, it's his day today on this blog. :) He had some very cool moves and that trademark beard. Always the beard. Kick butt alright!

So I just wanted to pay tribute and say thanks to Chuck Norris for providing some very cool, action, US patriotic afternoon movies for me to enjoy back in the 80s!

Tuesday 16 May 2006



After working out last night, I thought I'd sit down and relax through a few chapters of CELL but instead wound up finishing it! We ended up going to bed a little later than usual but it was well worth it. I just couldn't put the book down again. I wanted to read it and see what was going to happen, how everything was going to turn out... and it didn't disappoint. Though I'm sad to say I would've liked more... yeah, long book and all but I really could've read more about Clay and the other survivors. Gee, even as I'm typing this I'm coming up with a hundred questions I'd still like answers for.

I think anyone who enjoys a good Armageddon-style read should definitely check this out. There's a bit of everything in it - in true King tradition. There's a lot of heart and the main characters are very likeable. Plus there's the whole phoners concept which I found intriguing and frightening at the same time. The suspense is also great, especially when you get down to the last 100 pages where you can't stop your mind from wondering about what's gonna happen next to this handful of normies. Ah, awesome book!

There was one particularly heart-breaking moment for me that involved a teenage character called Alice. She was strong, determined... I felt tears rise to my eyes. But I can't say more because I don't want to give away anything in this great story. I recommend going into it with the smallest amount of details as possible. Just know that it involves mobile phones and a bunch of survivors. Then sit back and enjoy the ride, because that's what it is. There are many ups and downs, twists and turns and just pure macabre horror that makes you realise this guy's a genius!

Well, I better stop. I could really go on and on about this book but I won't. I think I've said enough already. I'll leave you with: Outstanding!

Monday 15 May 2006

Stephen is King

Honestly, he is.

After finishing another book on Friday night, I was wondering what would be next... all it took to decide was reading an article in a magazine while I was waiting to get a hair trim on Saturday morning. It was about Stephen King and his latest release Cell.

After getting home later that day, I picked it up and got started.

The thing about a Stephen King book is that I look at the size, which is usually huge, and think gosh, that'll take a while. But once you get started he grabs you by the throat and you become totally engrossed in the characters and story. He's an amazing storyteller! I thought it would take a big chunk of this week to read Cell, yet, I've now only got 50 pages to go. I love it... don't know where it's headed and sure as hell can't wait to find out how it ends. He's truly great at Armageddon-style tales.

I remember reading The Mist sometime last year. And boy was that awsome. Only novella size, but awesome! And now, in this latest novel he's blended in the advancement of technology, the paranoia of terrorism and the obsession over mobile phones into one scary tale. Have any of you guys read it yet? I can't wait to see how everything works out. King is definitely KING. Him and Clive Barker are my writing heroes.

Anyway, enough fan-gushing for now.

I mentioned the hairdresser before and for the first time in ages, he actually cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. I mean, we've been going to this cool hairdresser for almost a decade now and most of the time I just say the usual, but this time I told him to go layer crazy. And that he did. My hair is totally layered and easier to manage. Plus, he only cut a tiny bit off the end because I've decided to grow it out again. Cool.

Ah, now onto the writing plan. Thanks to the hubby's listening during one of our weekend walks, I've decided to take one week away from magic. And because I've now got the topics for the next 2 SCRYbe stories, I've decided to get them written and revised this week. Plus a bunch of other things. I've made a list. A combination of stuff ranging from cleaning the floors to tidying up writing notes and cleaning/clearing my desk.

On today's agenda was taking the hem down on a pair of my daughter's trackies, sorting out the music on lappy, reading more of Cell and writing the first draft of one of the SCRYbe stories. I was amazed at how quickly the tale slipped from my fingertips to the keyboard. But it ended up being 1,300 words, so there'll be some chopping!

Anyway, I had a terrific weekend with the hubby and daughter. And a wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day. Did you all have a great Mother's Day? I hope so! Got a gorgeous card my daughter made for me at school and some floating candles. Very cute!

Friday 12 May 2006


Well, just finished another great book. The third Psychic Eye Mystery was an interesting one. It was also a little change of reading pace, though the story did involve some ghosts and a little mystery dating back to World War II.

It was a really cool tale and Abby's a nice and friendly narrator. I'm definitely going to check out the books that follow. I hope Victoria Laurie keeps writing these for a long time. I did read on her website that she's got another book coming out next year, about a ghost buster mentioned in this one. I'm looking forward to that too.

Anyway, I think this series is a lot of fun and worth checking out.

Wednesday 10 May 2006


Gee... I was so hooked on this book I devoured the last 100 pages or so yesterday. It's such an awesome book. I love how Katie pumps her story full of humour and light-heartedness but at the same time injects it with a storyline toeing the edge of darkness. She's got a terrific knack for doing that, and has once again succeeded here.

Sam is a great narrator and her involvement with Paen is delicious. The attraction is instant, though they kinda fight the seriousness of a budding relationship. Sam also happens to be a half-sun elf. What a blast! A sun elf falling for a Dark One. It's a hoot! Anyway, of course I'm not gonna give anything away here, but this tale is definitely worth checking out. Her cousin Clare - a fairy who denies she's one, even though she's continually eating flowers - and her beau Finn are an added spice to everything already going on.

Well, all I can say is that Katie MacAlister's terrifc, and she's delivered another very entertaining, intricate tale with a deep romantic involvement. Excellent!

80s Wednesday

Now, this guy rocks!

I've always thought this guy was way cool! I used to love his badass attitude. He just seemed to go by life without giving a crap about what anyone else thought. And I love/d that. And his music? Woah. I love his old stuff. Actually, I've been listening to his greatest hits album a lot lately and can't get enough!
Wasn't he great in the Wedding Singer as himself? Lol! I loved that he was in that, and still portraying the same don't-give-a-crap attitude. I don't care how much time goes by, I'll always look at him as one of the original bad boys I was ever interested in. He. He. Remember in St. Elmos Fire, Demi Moore's character had this huge neon Billy Idol face in her room? Way cool.

Monday 8 May 2006

Busy reading

Yeah, as you can see from my past week's book entries -- I'm very much into the reading. I mean, that never changes, I'm always into reading. But sometimes (depending on what writing project I'm working on) I don't get enough time to fly through books. Well, now is not such a time. I'm doing revisions, so although the story's floating around inside my head all the time, I'm not totally consumed by it. That's the first draft process.

He. He.

Anyway, I read 183 pages of Even Vampires Get the Blues by Katie MacAlister, yesterday. I'm loving it! Of course, I'm not surprised. Her stuff is always a hoot to read. But not just because she's got such a great sense of humour but because her storytelling is wonderful. Outstanding. I'm really liking Sam, she's a very cool narrator. I'm itching to get to the end to find out what happens with everything! Ah...

So I did some more of the revision today. I got up to page 251, chapter 18. Gee, I was hoping to crack the 300 page barrier today but it didn't happen. There was much to add and re-arrange, plus I'm taking little notes on the side to make sure the timespan stays on track... oh, and I got to the love scene. A very special love scene it is too -- for the H/h. ;) It's all polished up now, though of course, I'll do another draft after this one! Still, would've been nice to be further along but things are really heating up with everything that's going on around them and I want to pay as close attention as I can to everything.

I would, however, like to have this second draft completed by Friday - if possible. That way I can take another week off it and then get it finished up completely.

Watched Supernatural and HOUSE over the weekend. Whoa, Supernatural's really heating up now. Sammy boy has powers of premonition and telekinesis. Wow, where's this all going huh? I can't wait to find out! And HOUSE was great, as always!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend -- I just wish they wouldn't go by so quickly. Gotta go and pick my daughter up from school. Catch'a!

Sunday 7 May 2006


Both the hubby and I read this very cool Serenity comic today. Okay, it covers what happened between the last episode of Firefly and the movie Serenity. It was great! Had that same ol' feeling to it as the show, and explained a few things that weren't quite answered in the movie. It's definitely worth checking out -- though it's not exactly cheap. But that's never a problem for a brown coat, right? Lol!

The only thing is... it leaves me wanting more. I love this wonderful 'verse and I love the characters. Ah, that Joss Whedon's a storytelling genius!

Saturday 6 May 2006


Ah, the 5th Sookie Stackhouse book. I've been waiting a year to read this one... and like all the one's before it, it was certainly worth the wait. She's a real down-to-earth, pure-hearted kinda girl our Sookie.

She gets herself into a whole bunch of trouble in this one -- again. We catch up with some very familiar faces and even meet a few new ones along the way. Overall, I really enjoyed the story. Another excellent, interesting, engrossing tale. And the little mystery was given a little twist in the end too. Though I had a sneaking suspicion about who the shooter was all along... still, it made for a wonderful read.

Her love life certainly gets more and more complicated as the series moves along. I wonder if the poor girl will ever get a chance to be truly happy with anyone. Bill's becoming a little annoying. Like a pesky fly that keeps hovering around her. I think he needs to move on. There are a lot of other more compatible guys she can choose from... wonder who she'll choose? I have a weakness for Sam and Alcide. Though she probably won't go for either. Who knows?

Oh well, I gotta wait another year to read the next one. But at least now I know who the tiger on the cover of Definitely Dead is! :) Looking forward to finding out more about him!

Wednesday 3 May 2006

80s Wednesday

I almost forgot it was Wednesday today, had to double check with the hubby.

Anyway, I'll get on with it now. This week I give you:

V -- one word, lots of impact. Do you guys remember this miniseries, which was later followed by a series? I guess it was that popular, huh? And why wouldn't it be? We're talking seemingly friendly aliens intent on taking over our planet! Or was that stealing all our resources and using humans as cattle? An invasion with a twist, while they were trying to convince the world otherwise. It was so damn cool. We had an unlikely hero, a heroine, a stupid teenager who falls for one of them, pre-Freddy Robert Englund as a friendly, helpful alien and the a mean alien bitch!
Did we need to see any more back in the 80s to set our minds ablaze? In a time where talk constantly included nuclear weapons/war, an alien invasion seemed like a better of the two evils. Lol!
I was only a kid when this miniseries was played on TV, but I was captivated. I absolutely loved the premise, even back then and watched as much as I could. Though I'm certain I haven't seen the entire series... still, I'll never forget when Diana's first busted sticking some sort of rodent into her reptilian mouth - was it a mouse? Sure SFX weren't the same as they are now, but it was still damn shocking back then.
So, do tell -- were you a V fan? Were you on the side of the Resistance or the Visitors? ;)


Okay, this is a gorgeous cover, isn't it? Dark, pretty, creepy, intriguing...

I finished reading this book last night. During the duration of my reading I kept going through a don't like it... yeah, I like it... no, it's giving me the shits... yeah, it's great... rollercoaster of reactions. And I can't even tell you why.

The entire book was written beautifully. The strong bond between the two brothers is touching and real. The fact they keep running because the Grendels (monsters) were after Cal was also very interesting. So what was it that kept my mind switching from like-to-dislike? I have no darn idea because after I read the last page I decided the book, as a whole, was great! It's dark, unique, interesting.

The writer tackles a lot of different monsters - the Auphe, werewolves, vampires, male banshee, goblins - but all have the writer's own way of being. Kinda taken the myths and spun them around on their heel. It was interesting and kept the action going. Plus fresh. Fresh is always good!

Nightlife is the story of Cal, told in first person. It's all about Cal and Niko (his half brother) trying to stay a few steps ahead of the monsters. See, they share a mother (using the term very loosely) but Cal's father was one of the monsters. Which makes him half-monster, right? And for some reason the Auphe (elves) keep chasing them, wanting to get their hands on Cal. The reason becomes pretty clear as the book moves along.

Anyway, there's a nice array of characters and since this is the first book (not sure if it's a series or trilogy) I expect they'll all be back for more. And I can't help but wonder what else Rob Thurman has planned for Cal, Niko and their new friends.

If you like your stories dark and twisted, and really wanna get into the head of evil - this book's definitely worth checking out! Overall, I really enjoyed it.
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