Monday 15 May 2006

Stephen is King

Honestly, he is.

After finishing another book on Friday night, I was wondering what would be next... all it took to decide was reading an article in a magazine while I was waiting to get a hair trim on Saturday morning. It was about Stephen King and his latest release Cell.

After getting home later that day, I picked it up and got started.

The thing about a Stephen King book is that I look at the size, which is usually huge, and think gosh, that'll take a while. But once you get started he grabs you by the throat and you become totally engrossed in the characters and story. He's an amazing storyteller! I thought it would take a big chunk of this week to read Cell, yet, I've now only got 50 pages to go. I love it... don't know where it's headed and sure as hell can't wait to find out how it ends. He's truly great at Armageddon-style tales.

I remember reading The Mist sometime last year. And boy was that awsome. Only novella size, but awesome! And now, in this latest novel he's blended in the advancement of technology, the paranoia of terrorism and the obsession over mobile phones into one scary tale. Have any of you guys read it yet? I can't wait to see how everything works out. King is definitely KING. Him and Clive Barker are my writing heroes.

Anyway, enough fan-gushing for now.

I mentioned the hairdresser before and for the first time in ages, he actually cut my hair exactly how I wanted it. I mean, we've been going to this cool hairdresser for almost a decade now and most of the time I just say the usual, but this time I told him to go layer crazy. And that he did. My hair is totally layered and easier to manage. Plus, he only cut a tiny bit off the end because I've decided to grow it out again. Cool.

Ah, now onto the writing plan. Thanks to the hubby's listening during one of our weekend walks, I've decided to take one week away from magic. And because I've now got the topics for the next 2 SCRYbe stories, I've decided to get them written and revised this week. Plus a bunch of other things. I've made a list. A combination of stuff ranging from cleaning the floors to tidying up writing notes and cleaning/clearing my desk.

On today's agenda was taking the hem down on a pair of my daughter's trackies, sorting out the music on lappy, reading more of Cell and writing the first draft of one of the SCRYbe stories. I was amazed at how quickly the tale slipped from my fingertips to the keyboard. But it ended up being 1,300 words, so there'll be some chopping!

Anyway, I had a terrific weekend with the hubby and daughter. And a wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day. Did you all have a great Mother's Day? I hope so! Got a gorgeous card my daughter made for me at school and some floating candles. Very cute!

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