Tuesday 27 March 2007

Got a bit done...

Well, it's almost time to head out for the afternoon kid pickup. Lol. :D No, seriously, I'm looking forward to picking my daughter up today. She went on her first excursion to Sydney Wildlife World in Darling Harbour.

It's the first time we've let her go on an excursion where she actually left the suburb, so I was a little nervous at first. But she's growing up so quick and there'll be so many other excursions to come, I think it's best to get used to it now.

Hope she had a good time, we haven't been there together as a family yet. :)

Okay, I got about 5k written today. The total word count is currently sitting at 10,024. Not too bad, is it? If I can keep this up I should be alright, though I do have a specialist appointment on Thursday that I'm now not looking forward to attending for several reasons. Firstly because I want to keep writing this tale, and secondly because of little Loki. It's okay to leave him all alone while I walk up to the school and back, but a doctor's appointment will be a few hours. :(

You know what's really cool though? Having a little buddy around the house while I'm writing. He loves falling asleep beside me. He's so darn adorable! And he knows how to use the litter box. That's fantastic!

Okay, better get going for now.

Thursday 22 March 2007


I've been having a terrible run with internet technology this morning! For god's sake! First I had trouble with the new version of Yahoo! Beta and now I just lost a whole post on Blogger. Don't you just hate it when that happens? :/

I certainly do!

Anyway, last night we got the grocery shopping done and even managed to lift some weights. It was really cool because I was starting to worry about how we'd fit in our workouts. Just need to get used to taking each day as it comes.

Well, I've already added another 2k to the story and am so close to finishing, I can feel it. Lol. But seriously, I don't want this one to go over 10k by much. Of course, I can always shorten it during the revision process if I have to, but still. The contest states between 2,500-10,000 words. I'm just happy with how the story is gonna come together in the end. I'm having some fun with it. Isn't fantastic when you can enjoy the tale you're writing, huh? It's certainly very cool.

Okay I better get going because my daughter will start asking for brekky soon. Unlike yesterday when I had to wake her, she woke up on her own today!

Wednesday 21 March 2007

Back for a word count update

Do you see a trend here? Lol, I just thought it would be fun to continue the Jensen theme all week. Since he was so serious in yesterday's pic, I thought a smilie one would be cool. :D

Anyway, I just stopped writing because the lappy ran out of juice. I do that all the time, drain it until there's nothing left. I ended up with a total word count of 6,108. So I'm still liking the extra hours in the morning.

The story's moving along very well, I think. Though that could just be first draft excitement. Don't you get all excited while writing a first draft? The main thing at the moment is to get the story out of my head, and so far it's getting out... Lol.


Okay, not much more to say at the moment and it's almost time to head out for a walk. It'll be a great time to think about the rest of the story, which I hope to get through tomorrow. I kinda already know what's gonna happen, but just need to think one section through some more. It could go in two different directions, but which one? ;)

Early morning riser gets the word count happening!

So, this morning I started writing the next first draft I'm hoping to get done by the end of the week.

I've posted this Sydney Opera House pic because this tale starts near the SOH. :) Actually, it's going to feature in it quite a bit.

I got the first 2,060 words written and the sparks are already flying between the hero and heroine. Wow, I didn't expect them to get together so soon. But oh well, what are you going to do? If they want each, they want each other. Better than writing a boring tale where the two characters don't like one another. Lol. This writing thing never seizes to amaze me.

Last night we went to bed at 8:30pm and got up this morning at 4am. I didn't want to get up, which is kinda strange since I actually had a longer sleep then the night before. I'm actually (so far) enjoying this having so much extra time in the morning thing. It's definitely fantastic for boosting my daily word count. I just hope that I feel like writing every morning.

Well, I think my daughter will wake up very soon. She has to wear something orange to school today because it's Harmony Day - promotes all the different cultures in our society and the harmony that's essential, you know that kind of thing? But she doesn't have many orange things, so I guess she'll just have to wear the only orange tee she has and some denim shorts. It's funny how kids love these out-of-the-ordinary kinda school days and parents just find them annoying. :/

Tuesday 20 March 2007

Yay... it's me again...

Okay, I'm back! :D

Well, the sun did pop out after the fog cleared but now it's gone all cloudy again.

Here's another Jensen pic. A Dean Winchester picture, to be exact. Lol. He looks so serious, doesn't he? Anyway, I just thought you'd all like to see some more Jensen.

I got another 7,392 words added to the story today. Wow, that extra time this morning really helped! And so did having a quick lunch, and ignoring the dishes. ;) So the completed word count is 13,755. Yay. That's 64 pages.

The story's done and I'm really happy with it.

So that's one goal met for the week. I'm very excited about this, because more than just getting a story done I'm excited that it's this story. It's been inside my head for so long that each word just spilled out so easily. I wish all tales would come this easy.

Now it's onto the next one, but I won't start it until tomorrow. I want the rest of the afternoon off.

Okay, it's time to head out again. My daughter gets out in about 40 minutes, still plenty of time but I need to tidy up and put everything away. :)


Early morning post!

I just looked out the window and was surprised to see a cover of thick fog. I didn't take the picture on this post, BTW. Just plucked it off the internet. ;)

My grandmother used to say that when it was foggy in the morning, the sun would come out in the afternoon. So far, from my personal experience, it's almost always right. There's only every been a few times when the fog's lifted and it's still overcast. So we'll see how it goes today.

Did I mention that the Sydney Harbour Bridge turned 75 over the weekend? Well, it did. It's an exciting thing, but we didn't go into the city for the Bridge Walk.

Well, I got up bright and early this morning. Okay, so it was early but definitely not bright. 4am to be precise. The sun started to rise about half an hour ago, but because of the fog it's still pretty dark out there. Anyway, the hubby's started a new job and he has to be there at 5am every morning, so I've decided to get up too and keep him company. It's very early, but I figured that if we start going to bed at an early time every night and I get up with him, after he leaves for work I'll have several hours before my daughter wakes up. That's extra time on the internet, or time to read a bit, even time to write.

So far this morning I've used it for two out of three. I checked my emails and cruised around a bit before grabbing lappy to write. I added another 2k, so the story's moving along just fine. I've used my time very wisely. :) I could get used to this, though it means that our workouts need to change. That's a bit of a pain, but once we get into the swing of things and set up a new routine it should be okay.

I'm expecting my daughter to wake up at any minute... so I better go for now. I'll be back later today with an update on the word count. I've got my fingers crossed, hoping to write the whole first draft for BREATHLESS today...

Friday 16 March 2007

Let's talk about music...

The other day we got Hinder's album - Extreme Behavior. Thanks for recommending it Samantha! I finally had enough time to put it on today, and boy it's just my kind of music. I love it. Lips of an Angel and Better than Me are especially great. ;) I know this album's going to be responsible for a bunch of ideas.

Speaking of cool songs, we also got a bunch of singles. And I absolutely love Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.
Love their sound, the way the music changes so many times during the one song. What about that creepy cover? Lol. This is their only song I've heard. Well, except for the other song on the single, which is also excellent. Might have to check out their album too.

The other song I'm really into at the moment is by the Aussie band Silverchair. You guys heard of them? I know they've had stuff released in the US. Anyway, instead of trying to explain it or finding a pic of the cover, here's the filmclip. Now you can watch the clip, listen to the song and see who the boys are:

The quality isn't the best, but the clip's on their MySpace page too if you want to see it properly.

Also got George Michael's latest album called Twenty Five. This one's packed with songs. A lot of his great old songs, and even some new ones. :)

The hubby showed me this last night. If you're a Spiderman fan and you're looking forward to the new movie, then check it out. There's about 7 minutes of footage, different bits. An action scene, a romantic one and a very touching one. It's worth checking out. I personally can't wait for the movie. It looks like quite a ride!

Well, today I took it easier than I have all week.

On my walk home after dropping my daughter off at school I had a new idea pop into my head. It was a pretty good one, I think. It involves a black cat, since a very friendly little cat I see every morning was the one that sparked off the idea. Gotta write the snippets down before I forget. I've got so much in there at the moment...

I also put in my first proposal and had it accepted! Yay. Very exciting stuff. Since I'm a pantser, I hardly do this kind of thing but this idea just grew and grew until there was the proposal. Okay, do you get I'm excited? ;)

Anyway, I better get going now.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Friday 2 March 2007

Not much to say today

Okay, so the revision for STORM is now done. Yay. I'm very proud of this story, and really hope that it gets published. Of course, I'm not going to sub it yet because I want to hear what the hubby has to say about it first. :)

And the best thing is that so far - no thunderstorms! So it looks like the cycle has been broken. Lol.

Whoa, we were supposed to do some weights last night but were both so tired we skipped it. It's never a good idea to workout if you feel like crap. We can always catch up tonight.

The weekend's around the corner again. I'm hoping to finally get a chance to finish reading NIGHT RISING by Chris Marie Green. I've started it already and stopped in a section that I can't wait to see what happens next! It's great so far.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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