Monday 8 May 2006

Busy reading

Yeah, as you can see from my past week's book entries -- I'm very much into the reading. I mean, that never changes, I'm always into reading. But sometimes (depending on what writing project I'm working on) I don't get enough time to fly through books. Well, now is not such a time. I'm doing revisions, so although the story's floating around inside my head all the time, I'm not totally consumed by it. That's the first draft process.

He. He.

Anyway, I read 183 pages of Even Vampires Get the Blues by Katie MacAlister, yesterday. I'm loving it! Of course, I'm not surprised. Her stuff is always a hoot to read. But not just because she's got such a great sense of humour but because her storytelling is wonderful. Outstanding. I'm really liking Sam, she's a very cool narrator. I'm itching to get to the end to find out what happens with everything! Ah...

So I did some more of the revision today. I got up to page 251, chapter 18. Gee, I was hoping to crack the 300 page barrier today but it didn't happen. There was much to add and re-arrange, plus I'm taking little notes on the side to make sure the timespan stays on track... oh, and I got to the love scene. A very special love scene it is too -- for the H/h. ;) It's all polished up now, though of course, I'll do another draft after this one! Still, would've been nice to be further along but things are really heating up with everything that's going on around them and I want to pay as close attention as I can to everything.

I would, however, like to have this second draft completed by Friday - if possible. That way I can take another week off it and then get it finished up completely.

Watched Supernatural and HOUSE over the weekend. Whoa, Supernatural's really heating up now. Sammy boy has powers of premonition and telekinesis. Wow, where's this all going huh? I can't wait to find out! And HOUSE was great, as always!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend -- I just wish they wouldn't go by so quickly. Gotta go and pick my daughter up from school. Catch'a!

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