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Snakes and stones may break her spirit, but the truth can never hurt her.

Peg's twin sister vanished months ago and her mother has checked out. She's a mess and barely leaves her room. But Peg never gave up hope and expects Chrysa to return at any moment.

One night, after months of living a lonely life with only her cards and best friend to keep her company, Peg discovers a hidden room in their barn. An impossible place that shouldn't exist but leads her to an unfathomable discovery.

This revelation sets off a chain of events that will force Peg to confront the reality of who her mother really is, and what Peg will have to do to survive the ancient family legacy. But she can't do it alone. Not again...

Novel was released on 29 March, 2024 by Anuci Press.

Cover art: Fabled Beast Design

Genre: Myth & Monsters Horror


What happened to Molly?

Kae Roscoe's daughter went missing in the woods sixteen months ago but when she returns, she's not the same person.

She hardly speaks, doesn't eat, responds with extreme violence, and things get worse when she's released from the hospital.

There's definitely something very different about Molly, and her reappearance is making strange things happen to everyone around her.

Audio book narrated by Jennifer Pickens.

"Yolanda Sfetsos is such an incredible horror author with an amazingly distinctive voice. Her writing is sharp, terrifying, and unforgettable, and Suffer the Darkness is among her best work to date. This powerful tale will haunt your dreams and never let you go." - Gwendolyn Kiste, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rust Maidens and Reluctant Immortals

"In the brief space of this fast-paced novella, Yolanda Sfetsos manages to sweep her readers through heartache and the supernatural, stomach-turning body horror, haunting imagery, and an epic ending I didn't see coming."- Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads and Below

"As with every Sfetsos release, we get her deft prose and emotion-charged pacing. But with Suffer the Darkness we get that x10 as we barrel through a paranormal-folklore story sure to keep you up late at night!"- Steve Stred, Splatterpunk-Nominated author of SacramentMastodon, and Churn the Soil

"Swerving a rehash of the classic possession trope, in Suffer the Darkness Sfetsos creates horrors so imaginative and so vivid that you won't want to look, but will be powerless to turn away." - Kev Harrison, author of Below

"Suffer the Darkness is a unique tale of supernatural horror with a wildly clever twist. A brutal tale of supernatural horror on a whole new level."- Sarah Jane Huntington, author of Cabin Terror

"Sfetsos weaves a dark tale steeped in folklore, possession and the power of a mother's love that will leave readers wanting more." - S.H. Cooper, author of Inheriting Her Ghosts

Novella was released on 18 June, 2023 by DarkLit Press.

Cover art: Truborn Design

Genre: Supernatural Horror


Two sisters.
One is hellbent on destruction.
The other is determined to protect.
Only one can win.

"Beast of Burden" by Yolanda Sfetsos is an electrifying novella that seamlessly blends urban fantasy, demonic intrigue, and spine-chilling horror into a captivating tale that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

As the narrative unfolds, we're treated to a spellbinding dance of dark powers, sibling rivalry, and the relentless pursuit of stopping an impending demonic chaos.

Sfetsos masterfully draws readers into a world where supernatural forces collide, bringing to life vivid imagery that's both captivating and haunting. The prose is a true testament to her storytelling prowess, as it effortlessly navigates between heart-pounding action sequences and poignant introspection.

Sfetsos' world-building is both intricate and imaginative. The incorporation of dark powers, demonic entities, and necromancy adds a layer of authenticity to the story's supernatural elements. "Beast of Burden" is not only a thrilling ride through the realms of the supernatural but also an exploration of the human spirit's capacity to rise above darkness. Yolanda Sfetsos has crafted a masterpiece that lingers long after the final page is turned.


Novella was released on 24 September, 2023 by Alien Buddha Press.

Cover art: Yolanda Sfetsos

Genre: Supernatural Horror


In a city full of mindless robots, Tolli longs for adventure...

Tolliver is caught in a cycle of boredom she desperately wants to escape. She hates her job writing silly slogans, doesn't have any friends, and lives in a crowded city full of mindless androids.

When she stumbles on a mysterious classifieds message specifically targeted at her, Tolliver decides to leave her claustrophobic unit and finds herself in an unexpected adventure. A seemingly simple task leads her to a conspiracy theory that will put her life in danger, introduce her to a lot of potential friends, and some hard truths that circle back to her...

Novella was released on 29 January, 2021 by Demain Publishing.

Cover art: Adrian Baldwin

Genre: Cyberpunk


It's hard to stay alive in this city...

Max Patella just wants to do her job, which includes dealing with cases the corrupt police don't want to dirty their hands with. 

When she stumbles on a bunch of skeletons found in different warehouses, all wearing mysterious rings, Max finds herself in a dangerous and deadly situation that leads back to her...

Novella was released on 27 November, 2020 by Demain Publishing.

Cover art: Adrian Baldwin

Genre: Noir-supernatural thriller


A change of plans leads to a shift in their honeymoon..

All Isla wanted to do was enjoy her honeymoon. She was looking forward to relaxing on the beach and enjoying cocktails with the love of her life. Instead, she ends up in the middle of the woods in a cozy cabin, where the past she's worked so hard to bury can find her. Turning what should be the best night of her life, into a bloody fight to stay alive.

Novelette was released on 26 July, 2019 by Demain Publishing.

Cover art: Adrian Baldwin

Genre: Horror


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