Wednesday 3 May 2006

80s Wednesday

I almost forgot it was Wednesday today, had to double check with the hubby.

Anyway, I'll get on with it now. This week I give you:

V -- one word, lots of impact. Do you guys remember this miniseries, which was later followed by a series? I guess it was that popular, huh? And why wouldn't it be? We're talking seemingly friendly aliens intent on taking over our planet! Or was that stealing all our resources and using humans as cattle? An invasion with a twist, while they were trying to convince the world otherwise. It was so damn cool. We had an unlikely hero, a heroine, a stupid teenager who falls for one of them, pre-Freddy Robert Englund as a friendly, helpful alien and the a mean alien bitch!
Did we need to see any more back in the 80s to set our minds ablaze? In a time where talk constantly included nuclear weapons/war, an alien invasion seemed like a better of the two evils. Lol!
I was only a kid when this miniseries was played on TV, but I was captivated. I absolutely loved the premise, even back then and watched as much as I could. Though I'm certain I haven't seen the entire series... still, I'll never forget when Diana's first busted sticking some sort of rodent into her reptilian mouth - was it a mouse? Sure SFX weren't the same as they are now, but it was still damn shocking back then.
So, do tell -- were you a V fan? Were you on the side of the Resistance or the Visitors? ;)

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