Friday 12 May 2006


Well, just finished another great book. The third Psychic Eye Mystery was an interesting one. It was also a little change of reading pace, though the story did involve some ghosts and a little mystery dating back to World War II.

It was a really cool tale and Abby's a nice and friendly narrator. I'm definitely going to check out the books that follow. I hope Victoria Laurie keeps writing these for a long time. I did read on her website that she's got another book coming out next year, about a ghost buster mentioned in this one. I'm looking forward to that too.

Anyway, I think this series is a lot of fun and worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

I've not heard of the series. I'll have to check it out.
Looks like your writing is going well?

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yeah Nienke, this series is definitely worth checking out. Here's her website if you're interested in finding out the sequence of the books.

And yeah, the writing's going well. I'm moving along some more revisions and having to hold back ideas inside my head until I'm done! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

You were the first person to respond to my post over at themidnighthour.net, so I had to run over and learn more about you. Imagine my delight at seeing that you're recommending one of my client's books! I'm even written into this one as a minor character!

Anyhoo, Victoria's fourth Abby Cooper book, Killer Insight, comes out later this year, and it may well be the best of the bunch (if you can believe her agent for an honest opinion). She is launching the ghost busting series next year, but there are still at least another 3 Abby books coming down the pike as well. She's a busy lady!

She's in the process of moving as we speak, so I'll thank you on her behalf for your recommendation!


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hi Jim!

Thanks for stopping by! And no prob about the recommendation of Victoria's book, the series is great. Thanks for the head's up on the next Abby books, I can't wait. And I'll definitely check out the ghost busting series too. She's a delightful writer and the Abby tales are a lot of fun to read.

Well, thanks for reminding me about Bubba Ho-Tep too. That movie was so cool. I keep laughing to myself thinking about it... and I've got my fingers crossed because I sent something your way last month, in the way of my own paranormal writing...

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