Wednesday 31 May 2006


I finished this book yesterday afternoon, and really enjoyed it! Every available minute I had, I spent reading a little more... until I got to the end. Wow, what a cool book! I know I'll definitely check out the books that follow. Just gotta wait for the paperbacks! Lol.

Anyway, the story's about an ex-vice cop called Gwen Gellman who now works as a private investigator in Providence. She has a psychic ability she doesn't understand. Her latest case involves a 14-year-old that's gone missing, under really strange circumstances. Anyway, there's so much more to this tale and the intricacy just grows as the story moves along. She's a really likeable character with many flaws. But I still liked her and the array of characters introduced.

I'm really looking forward to reading more about Gwen, especially now that she found out some truths about herself. If you're looking for a really interesting mystery entwined with some dark fantasy, I really recommend this book. When I got to the end, the only bad thing was I wanted to keep reading... It was a lot of fun.

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