Wednesday 10 May 2006


Gee... I was so hooked on this book I devoured the last 100 pages or so yesterday. It's such an awesome book. I love how Katie pumps her story full of humour and light-heartedness but at the same time injects it with a storyline toeing the edge of darkness. She's got a terrific knack for doing that, and has once again succeeded here.

Sam is a great narrator and her involvement with Paen is delicious. The attraction is instant, though they kinda fight the seriousness of a budding relationship. Sam also happens to be a half-sun elf. What a blast! A sun elf falling for a Dark One. It's a hoot! Anyway, of course I'm not gonna give anything away here, but this tale is definitely worth checking out. Her cousin Clare - a fairy who denies she's one, even though she's continually eating flowers - and her beau Finn are an added spice to everything already going on.

Well, all I can say is that Katie MacAlister's terrifc, and she's delivered another very entertaining, intricate tale with a deep romantic involvement. Excellent!

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