Wednesday 10 May 2006

80s Wednesday

Now, this guy rocks!

I've always thought this guy was way cool! I used to love his badass attitude. He just seemed to go by life without giving a crap about what anyone else thought. And I love/d that. And his music? Woah. I love his old stuff. Actually, I've been listening to his greatest hits album a lot lately and can't get enough!
Wasn't he great in the Wedding Singer as himself? Lol! I loved that he was in that, and still portraying the same don't-give-a-crap attitude. I don't care how much time goes by, I'll always look at him as one of the original bad boys I was ever interested in. He. He. Remember in St. Elmos Fire, Demi Moore's character had this huge neon Billy Idol face in her room? Way cool.

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