Sunday 21 August 2022

THE ORACLE TAROT by Lucy Cavendish & Melinda Pearson


Oracle Tarot CardsOracle Tarot Cards by Lucy Cavendish
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A few weeks ago, we popped into a thrift store and my husband found this lovely Oracle Tarot deck because he knows I love collecting tarot cards.

I checked it out and was excited to find all the cards were still in the box, as well as the instruction booklet. Actually, I would go as far as to say they were close to new. So, we bought it.

Today, I decided to take a proper look and was very happy with the deck. It contains 62 cards that are beautifully illustrated by Melinda Pearson. The bright colours and unique artwork caught my eye as soon as I saw it.

The booklet written by Lucy Cavendish is cute and very helpful. I liked the different spreads and the description of each card.

Yeah, I'm definitely happy to add this deck to my growing collection. 😊

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Saturday 20 August 2022

FORTUNATELY, THE MILK: Neil Gaiman & Chris Riddell


Fortunately, The Milk...Fortunately, The Milk... by Neil Gaiman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My husband found this charming little book in a thrift store a few weeks ago, and after binging The Sandman series on Netflix, I was definitely craving some Gaiman. So, I picked this up this morning and read it in a few sittings.

When Mum's away, the kids depend on Dad. He seems to have everything under control, too. Until they realise they're out of milk and can't have cereal for breakfast. So, Dad goes to get some but is gone for ages, and when he gets back he's got a fantastical reason...

I loved this! It's funny and the story unfolds in such an easy and clever way.

The Chris Riddell illustrations enhance this very quirky and fun tale about one father's quest to buy milk and get back home. While squeezing in an alien abduction, a very interesting inventor, pirates, a wrathful god, vampires, dinosaurs, a lot of time travel, and piranhas.

Yeah, this book is packed full of awesome stuff.

Plus, I loved that ending!

Neil Gaiman writes some very engaging stories, and never lets genre restraints get in his way.

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Tuesday 16 August 2022

SAGA, Issue #60: Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples


Saga #60Saga #60 by Brian K. Vaughan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the last issue for this season/volume. It starts out with an unexpected surprise, takes us to a nice and comfy place where Hazel's small family is finally having a stroke of luck. But after a nice night out, everything goes wrong.

The artwork in this series is amazing. The last page is so beautiful, yet so terrible. Also, quite heartbreaking. 😫

Looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Friday 5 August 2022

July/August Revision Update!

Hey! How are you today? What have you been doing?

Here in Oz, the Covid situation keeps getting worse. The daily case numbers are still too high, and the deaths make me very sad. Still, people refuse to wear masks and continue to pack into crowded places without any social distancing. They're also too slow to act on the vaccine boosters. Luckily, hubby and I got our second booster several weeks ago, so we're now fully vaxxed. Again. It really isn't hard, but people are lazy and think that living with Covid means pretending it isn't there. 😡

Anyway, I better stop because this is something that grates on my fucking nerves.

After putting my current Revision Project aside for a week, so I could complete the final edit for another story, it was time to get back to Stuck. Especially since this is the last read-thru.

Here's my progress:
  • Monday: 43/179pgs (65,532w)
  • Tuesday: 86/178pgs (65,463w)
  • Wednesday: 118/178pgs (65,560w)
  • Thursday: 141/178pgs (65,306w)
  • Friday: 177pgs / 64,836w
That means this novel is DONE! ☺️🎉

Although this story didn't require a complete rewrite or huge cuts (like several other projects) I did have to make quite a few changes. Most of the stuff I fixed were typos, tiny inconsistencies, and making sure the timeline was solid. This is the first book I've set during Covid, so I wanted to get all the details right. Not to mention the chapters that are set during different historical times.

I had to pay close attention to detail, so it took a while to get through.

Still, I had a lot of fun with this haunted house ghost story. And actually, it was raunchier than I remember... which, in the context of this particular tale, is definitely a good thing. Well, that's what I reckon, anyway. 😉

Unlike the previous mentioned projects this year, I ended up adding words to this one. 1,256, to be exact.

Another great thing about completing this project is that I can update my Revision List again:
  • April 2021: Full edit of Wall of Dolls
  • May 2021: Full revision of Destiny
  • June 2021: Full revision of Victoria
  • August 2021: Full revision of Possess
  • September 2021: Full revision of Monsters
  • February 2022: Full revision of Cosmic
  • March 2022: Full revision of Madness
  • May 2022: First edit of Possess
  • May 2022: Full revision of Summer
  • June 2022: Full revision of Neon
  • July 2022: Final edit of Possess
  • July/August: Full revision of Stuck
Love the way this list looks now! I can't believe I have ONE first draft left to revise: an old YA novel (from 2017). Yay.

However, I've been working really hard during the last three months (3 full revisions + 1 edit) so I definitely need a mental break. I think I'll take the rest of this month off, so I can have a break with hubby. ☺️

Have a great weekend!

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