Monday, 11 December 2017


There's Someone Inside Your House
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG. I loved this!

I seriously LOVED this book.

Not only does it fit perfectly into the slasher genre, but the characters are cool. The setting is perfectly creepy. The tension was so thick and mounted so well I read the whole book in a few sittings.

I was hooked to every page.

Makani Young used to have a different surname when she lived in Hawaii with her parents. Now she's been living with her grandmother in small-town Nebraska. She has a few close friends, keeps an eye on her grandmother, and has a crush on a loner with pink hair.

Osborne is a quiet place without much trouble. So when teenagers start getting murdered in gruesome and staged ways, everyone gets scared and suspicious.

As the search for the killer escalates, Makani and her friends might end up becoming the killer's next target...

Yikes. What an awesome, fun and stabby story!

I loved that there were several mysterious threads weaving in and out of the story: what's Makani's secret? Why is Ollie the topic of rumour? Who is the killer? Why is the killer targeting these particular kids? All of these questions become so deeply twisted around each other that the more I read, the less I wanted to put the book down. It's a real page-turner.

And I loved the writing too. Third person POV was perfect for this kind of story because of the way each victim is introduced. I found myself getting into each kid so quickly that their deaths really hit me! Hooking in a reader so quickly that sympathy swamped me right away takes some good writing.

The characters were also very cool. Makani, the relatively new girl with secrets. Alex, her outspoken friend. Darby, the friend who gets caught in the middle. Ollie, the mysterious and misunderstood guy she falls for. Grandma Young was one of my faves because she's so cute and supportive of Makani in a way her parents never were.

Yeah, there's a lot to love in this book. Especially if you're like me and love all types of horror, and have a soft spot for teenage slashers because you grew up watching them.

I hope Stephanie Perkins writes more horror because she's got a knack for telling a spooky tale with a great dollop of teenage drama.


Saturday, 9 December 2017


Little MonstersLittle Monsters by Kara Thomas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Addictive. Amazing. Clever. Shocking.

Those are just a few words to describe such an excellent book. I borrowed this from the library, and absolutely loved it! I actually picked it up last night after hubby suggested I try it out to see if I liked it... and ended up reading 100 pages. O.o

Kacey's life was pretty hard growing up with her mother, and the variety of boyfriends. But she's been enjoying a much better life in Broken Falls with the father she barely knows. But that's okay, because she has a great stepmother, a nice stepbrother, and a cute half sister. Not to mention her two friends, Bailey and Jade.

When her friends start acting strange and don't invite her to a party but go anyway, she gets upset. Then Bailey doesn't go home after the party. She vanishes, and as the investigation unfolds, Kacey will learn a lot about herself, her family, and the secrets friends keep from each other...

I seriously loved this book. It kept me glued to the page all day! I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next, how everything turned out, and what really happened to Bailey. I had my suspicions, and while some of them were right, nothing prepared me for the biggest and most messed up reveal of all.

OMFG. Yikes!

Yeah, there was a lot of messed up stuff in this story. A lot of toxic friendship baggage. A lot of bizarre family dynamics. But everything ties together in the best and most twisted way posdible.

I also really enjoyed the way the very thin line between love, hate, passion and obsession is explored in this book.

If you like a good thriller, you gotta check this out.

Friday, 8 December 2017

My Idea Files

After my whole writing world was turned upside down early this year, I decided to throw myself into writing new short stories and novels.

I thought it was time to deal with everything by taking a step back from the publishing world and going back to basics. I wanted to remember why I love writing so much: I love to tell stories. I love creating worlds, and meeting new characters, getting lost in actual writing.

Not to mention that it's something I just have to do. Writing is an itch that can only be satisfied with the actual act of creating.

It was time to face a new path, and that all began with my Idea Files. I have at least 20 separate ideas going at once. I randomly add inspirational pics, notes & other stuff to these folders, whenever something strikes.

Sometimes these ideas become books, other times short stories. Some don't develop into anything. I've even merged different ideas together. It's a very organic process.

While doing all this writing, I noticed something peculiar about my (current) process: Every time I finish writing a first draft, my brain is suddenly swamped with new ideas.

Or at least, bits & pieces & fragments to add to the Idea Files I already have. Even brand new ideas spring out of nowhere. It's a strange and wonderful thing, and it keeps happening. 

As soon as I'm done with my current WIP, a sudden rush of new things wash over my brain. So I write everything down, or collect new pictures. I even make graphics about the story (or stories). It's like when I've finally finished a draft, my mind opens up the floodgates to allow new stuff to percolate.

And you know what happens when I spend months daydreaming, brainstorming and collecting pics about a bunch of different ideas? By the time I'm ready to write, the story is very much ready to be told. I end up having a great grasp of everything, just need to take all the vibrant fragments and piece them together in the right sequence.

I have to admit that I love this!

For example, over the weekend a brand new shiny idea struck out of nowhere. By Sunday evening I had 50+ inspirational pics, graphics with story snippets, character names, genre and setting. It was so darn cool. And then yesterday, a completely different idea that I had set up with about 5 pics and genre, all of a sudden presented me with some very unexpected info.

I hadn't even been thinking about this particular idea. All the stuff came out of nowhere.

Here's a tweet I posted last weekend about this topic:

I was going to post another weekly update, but thought this was a much better subject to talk about. It's cool to share what's in my headspace on my blog. Not to mention that I probably won't be starting any new projects this month, but I'm really looking forward to telling more stories. Sprinkled with some serious revision. 

But that's for next year! It's no good to write, write, write without finalising some.

For the rest of the year I'm going to put together some sort of plan for my 2018 WIPs, and daydream about all of my ideas... Plus I plan to keep reading. Of course.

Hubby has next week off, so I'm excited about that. Annnnnd, we're going to watch THE LAST JEDI!! Very cool.

Have a great weekend.🌞

THE RAVENOUS by Amy Lukavics

The Ravenous
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved Daughters Unto Devils and The Women in the Walls, so I was very excited about this book. And it didn't disappoint!

The Cane family consists of a father in the military, an absent mother, and five sisters who don't always get along. Juliet is the oldest, the matriarch of the bunch, who rules with cruelty and violence. Taylor worships Juliet and does everything she tells her to. Anya is more concerned about texting her girlfriend than what's going on with the family. Mona tries to keep her head down, while secretly drinking to get through the day. Rose is the youngest. The shiny sister who keeps them together and makes them feel like an actual family, even when they seem to be the complete opposite.

When she dies in a freak accident, their world is turned upside down. And when their mother decides to bring her back under some secretive, dodgy circumstances, the sisters are forced to do the unthinkable...

Wow. This book is awesome! Seriously awesome. THIS is how a slow burn story is done. THIS is how you tell a story of grief, isolation and madness. THIS is a total mindfuck, and I loved EVERY moment of it.

I loved how this story developed, ever so slowly but surely. It sucked me in from the very beginning and I just couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop until I found out how it was going to end.

It's spooky, because the horror gradually builds and totally hits you. It's claustrophic, because the Cane family keeps mostly to themselves. It's horrifying, because their familial ties are toxic and nightmarish. It's gross, because there are some scenes that aren't for anyone who is squeamish. It's disturbing, because everything that happens in this story is TOTALLY DISTURBING!

I loved this killer book. So much.

This is one of the best zombie twists I've read. It's also a great serial killer twist.

Can't wait to see what else Amy Lukavics comes up with. ☺

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