Thursday, 22 June 2017

Current WIP: Week Four

Welcome to my fourth current WIP update! :)

This week, I was more concerned with figuring out how the downward spiral of this novel was going to play out, rather than the daily word count, but still ended up with several 5k days. That's mostly because I got so caught up in what was happening that my fingers went nuts over the keyboard and I didn't want to stop. LOL.

It's almost magical when that happens.

Reaching the stage where the story has totally taken over my brain means I'm constantly thinking ahead. Or taking notes of things I don't want to forget. Or deciding to add stuff after the scene has already been written. O.o

Yep. That means backtracking, which I did several times this week. But that's cool. The process for writing this story has been a little different from the start, but it definitely worked.

So, here's my daily w/c progress for this week:

Monday: 57,523 (added 5501w)
Tuesday: 61,225 (added 3702w)
Wednesday: 66,425 (added 5200w)
Thursday: 70,035 (added 3610w)

That's right. I finished the first draft today! I'm very excited about this particular novel because it's lived inside my brain for several months now. I visualised a lot of what was going to happen constantly, like a never-ending pesky movie that wouldn't stop until it was written.

And now it's done!

So. What now? Well, I'm going to post this update a day earlier than usual and will take tomorrow off. I wonder if anything will pop up during the next few days... If that happens, I'll either start a revision list or go back and add/tweak some last-minute things next week. 

Well, that's it for now. Hubby and I are going to watch Wonder Woman again on Saturday.

It might be a bit early to say this, but: enjoy your weekend!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Current WIP: Week Three

Welcome to my third current WIP update! :)

This week started with a public holiday so I only added new words from Tuesday-Friday. I actually compensated for missing this day while putting together my goals for June, so it wasn't a big deal.

I might not have written on Monday, but I took a bunch of notes and even made a few graphics relating to my WIP. I've reached that point in the story when it's ALWAYS ON MY MIND, because things are starting to click into place and I'm definitely past the halfway mark.


I'm having a great time writing this first draft and am getting a kick out of all the creepy stuff I'm adding. I love creepy, freaky books about girls, which means I'm loving how vividly these scenes are playing out inside my head.

Anyway, here's my daily w/c progress for this week: 

  • Monday: 36,084  (added 0w) 
  • Tuesday: 41,101 (added 5017w) 
  • Wednesday: 45,191 (added 4090w) 
  • Thursday: 48,614 (added 3423w) 
  • Friday: 52,022 (added 3408w)

Not bad. :)

Like I said above, I'm so caught up in the story that I didn't grab a new book to read. O.M.F.G. How is that even possible?! Guess I'll have to make it up next week. LOL.

BTW, do you know what I noticed today? While updating my word count spreadsheet, I realised that my ytd w/c is currently sitting at 117,098. We're halfway through the year and I've already surpasses my total w/c for 2016. Last year I wrote 110,543 words. That's a pretty good total, but I was hoping to write more this year, so I'm really happy with my progress.

Well, that's it for now.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Current WIP: Week Two

Welcome to my second current WIP update! :)

This week turned out to be a little topsy-turvy because I had a few real life things to deal with. I had an appointment to go to, my daughter started school later than usual a few times, and just basic headspace stuff that sucked up more time than expected.

Nothing huge, and not enough to completely derail my progress. Though I did miss one writing day. But I'm not stressing about it. For this draft, I promised myself that getting 2k done on any given day was fine & dandy.

I've given myself a whole month to get this done, and I'm pretty sure I'm still on schedule. Well, I'm actually ahead of my target word count because the story was already started, but you know how neurotic writers can be. At least, I am. Sometimes.

Anyway, here's my daily w/c progress for this week:
  • Monday: 27,394  (added 3273w) 
  • Tuesday: 27,394 (added 0w) 
  • Wednesday: 29,517 (added 2123w) 
  • Thursday: 32,183 (added 2666w) 
  • Friday: 36,084 (added 3901w)

The story itself is moving along nicely. There's plenty of creepy stuff happening, the plot gets darker and thicker, and I'm enjoying the hint of romance. Not to mention that I really like my main character.

Plus I'm having a great time researching urban legends and other freaky stories from around the world. It's so much fun!

I squeezed in a bit of reading and loved this super geeky book.

Well, the weekend is here and this one goes for three days, so yay.

Have a nice one!

Thursday, 8 June 2017


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG. This was such an AWESOME book! I loved every second of it. I borrowed it from the library and enjoyed it SO much I'm pretty sure I'll eventually buy my own copy.

Charlie, Taylor and Jamie are best friends from Melbourne, and they're in the U.S. to attend their first ever SupaCon. Charlie is there to promo her YouTube channel and the indy movie she was in. Taylor is excited about the possibility of meeting her favourite author. Jamie is there to geek out and have a blast with his friends.

All three might have their own reasons for wanting to be at SupaCon, but their friendship comes first. And although they were counting on a good time, each one gets to experience so much more than they expected...

Like I said above, this book was a blast. It's told in the POV of Charlie and Taylor, two very different girls with their own hopes and dreams. I adored both of their voices and just wanted to hug them because they're so adorkable!

Seriously, this book is a total geek-out and I got a huge kick out of all the very familiar pop culture references. Oh, and the diversity is absolutely excellent! All representation was so smooth, just there. Which is how it should be because real life is like that, right?

I also liked the two romances. They're both sweet, full of confusion, a few misunderstandings, and a whole bunch of cuteness. I loved all the characters. Um, no, that's not true. I didn't like Reese one little bit. He was such an annoying pesky fly. Ugh. He sucked!

Anyway, I think this book is fantastic and I'm really glad I got the chance to experience it. Because it seriously is quite the experience. I thought the author did a great job at putting the reader in the heart of the convention. The sense of atmosphere was vivid.

This book is cute, fun and full of dorky goodness.

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