Thursday, 21 March 2019

Busy Week Writing

Last week I spoke a bit about the story behind my current WIP. And this week I added quite a few new words to my demonic terror. A lot more than I expected, but the story's really speaking to me now. 

So much that the chapter notes I wrote last week no longer matter. They're not relevant. Sometimes, I don't know why I bother. LOL. But that's fine, because the new direction is SO MUCH better. Brutal, even. Some (unexpected) drastic stuff happened to one of the characters. Things I didn't want to inflict because I felt bad, but in the end, these things HAD to happen.

Sometimes, you just gotta put your characters through some heavy stuff. Sometimes, the only way forward is through some dreadful crap.

There's plenty of creepy stuff happening all round. So much that I keep losing myself during each session. Time slips away quickly. In a good way, because when I lose myself to the story like this, it means I'm really feeling it.

Here's this week's word count:
  • Monday:. 24,228 (3,639w)
  • Tuesday:  28,314 (4,086w)
  • Wednesday: 32,504 (4,190w)
  • Thursday: 35,020 (2,516w) 
  • Friday: 38,182 (3,162w)

Not bad, right? I cruised past the 100-page mark today, which is really cool.

I've actually passed the total word count I initially expected this story to be (10-20k). I'm still in novella-size territory, but I'm not sure where it'll end up. Can't be 40k, since I'm pretty close to that total and there's no way I'm going to reach the conclusion by then. Maybe 50k? Could be, but I'm not sure.

It doesn't matter how many words it takes to reach the end of this draft. As long as I get the story completely out of my head and told in the way it deserves.

This story might have started out a bit cautiously, slow even... but I'm totally committed now. 😄

Asides from all this writing and thinking about the story, hubby & I went out on several dinner dates this week before our daughter got back from her 2-week holiday. She went to Canada for a bit and really enjoyed herself.

Well, that's about it for now. The only thing I didn't do enough was reading. Gotta get back into the swing of reading.

Tomorrow we've got to go out and vote. It's NSW election time and I hope the current government gets booted because they're fucking hopeless. And after that, we're going to watch CAPTAIN MARVEL for the third time. Hey, our daughter hasn't seen it yet. 😁  

Have a great weekend!

Monday, 18 March 2019

CALL DROPS by John F Leonard

Call Drops: A Horror Story
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've had this on my Paperwhite for a while, so I decided to start it this morning... and finished it a few hours later because I just had to know where it was going.

Vincent Preece is a rich man who made his money during the beginning of the telecommunication era, just before the rise of the mobile phone. He's a lonely man, but lives in the big house he used to share with his wife and daughter. He also loves to check out second-hand stores. Although, according to him, they're getting too clean and mainstream. Car boot sales are okay, and that's where he finds his latest toy--an immaculate, one of a kind phone he's never seen before.

The phone isn't charged and isn't even supposed to work, so when it rings he doesn't know what to do. Except, of course, there's only one thing to do: answer it...

OMG. This story certainly hooked me in. What starts out as a boring and very jaded older man judging everyone and everything, soon becomes the very intriguing story of a mobile phone that rings when it wants, and gives Vincent insight that leads him to some pretty horrific discoveries.

There's a taxidermy scene that was gross as hell. And sad, too. There's also an air of creepiness hanging over the whole story. But it's not until the last half of the book that everything suddenly becomes crystal clear and the seemingly mundane comments he makes throughout the story about his business ventures and marriage become so much more.

This story just got darker and darker. By the time this character's true nature unravels, every awful clue comes together and makes perfect sinister sense. 😳

Yeah, I really enjoyed this! I quite enjoy unreliable narrators, and they don't get less reliable than this guy.

This story turned out to be a disturbing mystery, wrapped in some horrid horror, with a gruesome filling. Definitely worth checking out.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

WAGON BUDDY by Steve Stred

Wagon Buddy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This afternoon while sorting the awesome books on my Paperwhite, I opened this one. I started reading... and finished it in one sitting.

Scott is a lonely boy with a father who abandons the family, and a mother who turns to drinking. So when a creature appears in his yard and offers to play with him, Scott can't believe he's finally got a friend. Sure, it might be a hideous rotting monster, but at least his Wagon Buddy looks out for him.

This comes in handy when the bullying starts at school. Actually, the bullying continues through much of his life, and having a powerful creature on his side comes in handy. Until the day he's arrested...

I really enjoyed this dark novella about a victim of bullying so serious it messes up his life and chases him into the future.

Essentially, Wagon Buddy is a horror story. It features a horrifying creature capable of tearing people apart. It's spooky and there's quite a bit of violence, but it's also a very sad story about a boy who can't escape the physical scars of bullying. What these awful and disgusting kids do to Scott is appalling and cruel. They don't just call him names and push him around, they actually bash and drug him. Hurt him so badly he ends up with broken bones and so much more.

The only problem is that this poor character's bullying doesn't end after his teens. It continues into his adult life, and is so terrible that I liked the bloodthirsty creature and despised the people. This says a lot about how well the story was told, because my sympathy for Scott builds and builds until I was cheering the Wagon Buddy's vengeful ways.

Scott's story is a horror tale that echoes real life. I felt so bad for him. :(

I also liked how the story unfolds during a police interrogation. This way it goes back and forward, filling in the blanks presented at the beginning and eventually connecting to reach a very satisfying end.

The only negative thing I found were a few typos and spots that could've been tightened. But I was so engrossed in the story that it didn't get in the way of my enjoyment.

If you're in the mood for an interesting and heartbreaking story with a good dose of gore, check it out!

Friday, 15 March 2019

WIP Thoughts

This week I'm going to talk about the state of my WIPs. 

Not just because my head's been buzzing with stuff, but because I've been juggling and brainstorming and writing a bunch of different stories at the same time. There are several characters trying to grab my attention, but I finally feel like I might have found some kind of balance. Maybe. 😁

The story I'm working on is a (possible) novella-sized story about an unstable mother-daughter relationship further complicated by a demonic presence. It's actually a WIP I started last month. One that started at a much slower pace than usual after I handwrote the beginning in a notebook. By the time I'd typed up the first two chapters, I'd lost some of the momentum. Then some real life crap got in the way and I got a bad case of distracted brain.

Still, I continued to add words. It became a sporadic affair, made even harder when I was consumed by a short story featuring one of my old characters. A shortie prequel I wrote during a weekend in February, and then spent the following week revising. Actually, I got so caught up in it, I couldn't move on until it was polished. And subbed.🤞🏻

And that's when I went back to my demonic WIP. But even then, I wasn't adding as many words as usual. I just wasn't as involved as I wanted to be. Getting an unexpected idea got in the way! Well, it was initially a dream I carried around in my head for a week, before realising it could totally be a story.

Yeah, another horror story idea to add to the mix.

So I took some notes, put a file together and started adding inspirational pics, cast the characters and even gave them names. And it wasn't until I got this done that I finally returned to the ol' demonic idea. And really got stuck into it.

This has been the most constant week yet. I've added words every single day and surprises keep popping up all over the place. So I've finally found my groove. Without a hundred other things trying to get in the way to crowd my headspace, I was able to finally focus and keep a steady pace of new words going.

And you know what? It feels really good. During the last few weeks I let the interruptions convince me that the story might be the problem. That it wasn't as ready as I thought, that I couldn't get into it because I wasn't ready... but nope. The story was never the problem. 

The problem was mind clutter. Sometimes I let too many things get in the way, so I was glad I stuck with the story. Any progress is good progress.

I still have no clue how long this tale of mayhem is going to be, but I'll keep going until I reach the end of the draft.

Every project is different, and the process continues to evolve. I'm glad I kept going no matter what because after adding words all week, today I passed the 20k mark. Yay.

And not just that, but for the first time since I started this story there are so many new ideas and paths ahead. I can clearly see where I'm headed and am super excited about it. Also, everything took a creepier turn than expected. Even the family drama has been amped up.

*rubs hands together*

Well, there you go. These are some of the thoughts circling around inside my head at the moment. 😁

Have a nice weekend!

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