Saturday 6 May 2006


Ah, the 5th Sookie Stackhouse book. I've been waiting a year to read this one... and like all the one's before it, it was certainly worth the wait. She's a real down-to-earth, pure-hearted kinda girl our Sookie.

She gets herself into a whole bunch of trouble in this one -- again. We catch up with some very familiar faces and even meet a few new ones along the way. Overall, I really enjoyed the story. Another excellent, interesting, engrossing tale. And the little mystery was given a little twist in the end too. Though I had a sneaking suspicion about who the shooter was all along... still, it made for a wonderful read.

Her love life certainly gets more and more complicated as the series moves along. I wonder if the poor girl will ever get a chance to be truly happy with anyone. Bill's becoming a little annoying. Like a pesky fly that keeps hovering around her. I think he needs to move on. There are a lot of other more compatible guys she can choose from... wonder who she'll choose? I have a weakness for Sam and Alcide. Though she probably won't go for either. Who knows?

Oh well, I gotta wait another year to read the next one. But at least now I know who the tiger on the cover of Definitely Dead is! :) Looking forward to finding out more about him!


Anonymous said...

AWW are you kidding? :) I sooo do not want her to end up with Sam! Sam sucks! :)

(And yes, I'm a big Bill fan, but an even bigger, uglier part of me wants her to end up with Eric.)

I didn't care for book 5 too much, but book 6 was excellent. Just read that one this weekend. :)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Honestly, for me Bill is just getting to really annoying status. Almost like he keeps hanging around even though he should just go get a new hobby or something.

I also think Sam is very sweet and probably the most compatible with her. Though he's not as exciting as some of the other guys in her life! :)

Either way, I love this series!

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