Wednesday 3 May 2006


Okay, this is a gorgeous cover, isn't it? Dark, pretty, creepy, intriguing...

I finished reading this book last night. During the duration of my reading I kept going through a don't like it... yeah, I like it... no, it's giving me the shits... yeah, it's great... rollercoaster of reactions. And I can't even tell you why.

The entire book was written beautifully. The strong bond between the two brothers is touching and real. The fact they keep running because the Grendels (monsters) were after Cal was also very interesting. So what was it that kept my mind switching from like-to-dislike? I have no darn idea because after I read the last page I decided the book, as a whole, was great! It's dark, unique, interesting.

The writer tackles a lot of different monsters - the Auphe, werewolves, vampires, male banshee, goblins - but all have the writer's own way of being. Kinda taken the myths and spun them around on their heel. It was interesting and kept the action going. Plus fresh. Fresh is always good!

Nightlife is the story of Cal, told in first person. It's all about Cal and Niko (his half brother) trying to stay a few steps ahead of the monsters. See, they share a mother (using the term very loosely) but Cal's father was one of the monsters. Which makes him half-monster, right? And for some reason the Auphe (elves) keep chasing them, wanting to get their hands on Cal. The reason becomes pretty clear as the book moves along.

Anyway, there's a nice array of characters and since this is the first book (not sure if it's a series or trilogy) I expect they'll all be back for more. And I can't help but wonder what else Rob Thurman has planned for Cal, Niko and their new friends.

If you like your stories dark and twisted, and really wanna get into the head of evil - this book's definitely worth checking out! Overall, I really enjoyed it.

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