Wednesday 30 March 2022

March Revision Update!


Hey! How are you today? I hope you're all doing well.

I've been busy finalising my latest Revision Project, while trying to ignore the shitty weather, the Covid numbers, and that daylight savings ends this weekend.

Anyway, here's how this week turned out:
  • Monday: 49/84pgs (28,224w)
  • Tuesday: 84/84pgs (28,177w)
  • Wednesday: 84pgs / 28,131w
Madness is finally done. Yay! 😊🎉

I'm really excited about finishing this story because during the second draft, I seriously considered putting it aside. Several times. The only reason I didn't is because I'm stubborn and pushed until the end. After that, thinking about the story for several days is what saved this dark fairy tale. 

Who says writing is only done while sitting behind a desktop/laptop? Some of my best ideas and plot epiphanies have come while thinking. During a walk. While falling asleep. While sitting on the couch watching Judge Judy/Judy Justice. 😁

I wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo 2018 and the word count ended up being: 52,731w. That means I cut 24,600 words.

Yikes! That also means that between this revision and the one I completed last month, I pretty much cut a whole novel worth of words so far this year. 😬

Another cool thing is that completing this project means I can update my Revision List:
  • April 2021: Full edit of Wall of Dolls
  • May 2021: Full revision of Destiny
  • June 2021: Full revision of Victoria
  • August 2021: Full revision of Possess
  • September 2021: Full revision of Monsters
  • February 2022: Full revision of Cosmic
  • March 2022: Full revision if Madness

Well, that list is looking really good because I only have three old drafts left to revise, and last year's NaNoWriMo story. 

Okay. Now that this is finally done, and I'm really happy with how it turned out, I'm going to try and get stuck into some reading. I haven't read a book in almost THREE WEEKS! 😳

I'm also going to enjoy a mental break because I need it. LOL.

Have a great week!

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