Thursday 17 February 2022

February's Revision Update!


Hey! How are you today?

Well, it's Thursday and today it was time to take care of a few last-minute revision tweaks. Yeah, I always end up with a list of rep words and details to double check before calling the project done.

Anyway, here are the stats: 
  • Monday: 38/79 pgs (28,956w)
  • Tuesday: 79/79pgs  (28,746w)
  • Wednesday: break day!
  • Thursday: 80pgs / 28,420w

So, Cosmic is now DONE! Yay. 😃🎉

I'm really excited about finishing this story because I wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo 2017. 😳 And after getting stuck into this revision, I started wondering if it was even worth finishing because something was bugging me about the narrative... It wasn't until the third draft that I realised there were a few subplots that could be eliminated. After cutting three chapters, everything started coming together.

The first draft was 53,623 words. That means I cut 25,203 words! I did mention last week that this was going from novel to novella real fast. And I was right. But I don't mind because the story is SO much better now, stronger.

I'm happy I stuck with it because the two girls in this otherworldly tale deserved to have their story told. 😍

So, finishing this project also means I can update my Revision List again:

  • April 2021: Full edit of Wall of Dolls 
  • May 2021: Full revision of Destiny 
  • June 2021: Full revision of Victoria 
  • August 2021: Full revision of Possess 
  • September 2021: Full revision of Monsters
  • February 2022: Full revision of Cosmic

Asides from working on this story, we finally watched the rest of EVIL S2 and it didn't disappoint. I love this dark, twisted and wicked TV show. They're not afraid to push the boundaries, and I enjoy the demonic angle.

Well, that's it for me today. I'm looking forward to taking a bit of a mental break. Also, it's time to figure out which Revision Project will be next. As well as... am I going to write short stories for the interesting anthology calls I keep seeing on Twitter?! 👀

Have a great day.

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