Monday 15 August 2016

Distractions & Updating & Stuff

Last week I blogged about all the things I wanted to do. All the plans I wanted to make. All the ideas I wanted to sort through. But I didn't do even half of what I intended. O.o

Why? Because I found myself distracted by other (still related) things.

Every time I planned to do one thing, it led to another. I'd fallen behind on updating my files and photos. So instead of moving forward, I wound up catching up. I tidied up my (YA WIP inspiration) cluttered desktop. I uploaded and sorted three months worth of photos. Yep. That's right. I was so behind. Then I made the last (few) changes my YA novel needed, and took care of an unexpected opportunity.

There was a lot of admin I needed to sort through too. And I finished reading one very awesome book and DNFd another.

Not to mention that I spent most of the week catching up on the washing (because it rained the week before) and took care of all the other day-to-day stuff that needs doing. It's never ending. And time slipped away too quickly.

Anyway. That was last week.

If I want to get serious about crossing the last bits off my to-do list, this week has to be more structured. I'm going have to set daily goals so I can get everything done. I don't have any actual deadlines, but self-imposed goals always keep me moving.

Right now my head is cluttered with a jumble of ideas and thoughts. If I get everything down on paper and make an actual plan to tackle all the things at different times, then I might actually be able to accomplish stuff. Maybe. LOL.

By concentrating on what I want to achieve each day, I can then reward myself with reading. Because, you know, the reading never stops. :P

I find winter makes me a little sluggish. Not just physically but also mentally. The cold weather and shorter days can become a drag and time slips away before I get everything done. The good thing is that spring is almost here, so I want to concentrate on getting motivated and tackling all the stuff I want to do.

So, wish me luck.

Have a great week!

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