Thursday 9 November 2023

WHAT HIDES IN THE CUPBOARDS by Cassondra Windwalker

Following a traumatic accident, ceramic artist Hesper Dunn trades life in Chicago for the enchanted deserts of New Mexico. But not all is quaint, and it’s far from what it seems. There’s a mystery buried deep in the heart of her new home.

Love, guilt, and grief demand that Hesper remain within the haunted pueblo. To free herself, she must free the trapped spirits…but the creatures lurking in the shadows are not what they appear. Hesper dares to wade through the murky fog of tragedy to uncover the truth. A truth that will be harder to handle than she ever dared imagine.

The author of this book reached out to me, and I'm glad she did because I enjoyed this immensely. I mean, look at that cover!

Hesper Dunn is a ceramic artist who leaves the city behind to live in the desert after a tragic accident that left her physically and emotionally hurt. But this hacienda in the middle of nowhere isn't the gift she expected it to be. Not after she finds the strange portraits, and starts seeing strange things inside the house that was supposed to save her. Not condemn her...

This is such a great story! The desert location and Hesper's state of mind certainly amped up the creepiness from the very start. And as soon as the portraits hidden inside the cabinets make an appearance, everything gets a whole lot darker.

I love how art and creations are used to amplify the trauma Hesper is suffering. How she starts out so willing to devote her time to making ceramic pieces as well as learning new ways of producing her art. She's even keen on getting her foot in the door of the many galleries in Santa Fe. But as the truth starts to unravel, her real state of mind shadows all of her good intentions.

That's when the dread takes over, and this book takes an expected and horrifying turn.

What Hides in the Cupboards is an atmospheric fever dream with a real sense of location. It twists everything that's presented as familiar, until the reader is as lost as Hesper. A sense of unease worms its way onto every page, slowly revealing what lies beneath the surface.

I really enjoyed this haunting tale!

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