Sunday 2 January 2022

Reading 2022



A new year means a new Goodreads Reading Challenge:

Last year I changed my usual 100-book reading target to 50 because I was going to concentrate on longer books (and didn't), but still reached 100. 

So, this year I'm going back to my annual goal of 100 books.  😁

And these are my mini-challenges: 

  • Concentrate on the many fantastic books I have on my bookshelves and Paperwhite. (While I managed to do this last year, I want to keep it up.)
  • Stop putting off highly-anticipated books and read when I want. (I'm still slow on this and need to improve.) 
  • Read some of the chunky 600+ page books I've had my eye on for a while. (Failed to do this last year. 😬)
  • Continue to catch up on series and trilogy books I've abandoned, and get some of them finished. (I'm getting much better at doing this.)
  • I still hate DNFing books—and feel bad doing it every single damn time—but I have to keep doing it because there are just TOO MANY BOOKS! 😯

You can keep up with my progress on My Reading Page or at Goodreads.

How many books do YOU plan to read this year?

Here's to another year full of awesome reading! 

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