Friday 9 April 2021

Revision Plans

Hey! How are you?

This pic captures a lot of what I've been doing lately. There's always a lot to think about, but when you're a writer, sometimes it gets a bit crowded in there.

We've been busy getting on with everyday stuff while never forgetting the pandemic isn't over yet. Our useless government has screwed up the vaccine rollout. 😒 Australia is doing really well at keeping the community transmissions to zero as much as possible, so giving everyone the vaccine would be great. Except, like I said, they're useless and invested in the clot vaccine no one wants to take. Ugh.

At least hubby and I got our flu shots this week. That's one less thing to worry about.

Anyway, asides from reading up a storm, walking heaps, keeping up with yoga workouts and daydreaming about new ideas, I finally managed to put together a Revision Plan that I'm keen to tackle this year. It took a while because I've got quite a few finished first drafts, and thinking about all that revision/editing can get a bit overwhelming.

I have a combination of YA and adult stories to revise, ranging from 50k to 78k.

As long as I stick to this plan—which is to revise one of these drafts a month—but stop if it gets too much and make sure I sprinkle all this revision with new writing, I think I might be able to finalise six out of the nine drafts sitting on my hard drive collecting dust. It's a shame that they're just sitting there because a bunch of these are definitely submission worthy. I didn't say all of them because three of these drafts were stories I specifically wrote for my very own entertainment and I'm not even sure if they're marketable.

But that's something to think about later on. I'm just glad that I have a plan now. 😊

First on my list is tackling the second edit of my YA horror book, Wall of Dolls. This little story of mine about a peculiar small town, a family legacy and friendship will be released later this year.

If I manage to get more of my unrevised WIPs done, I hope to be able to say this more often.

Have a nice weekend!

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