Friday 3 April 2020

What I'm Working On

Hey! How's everyone doing this week? 

I know that's a hard question to answer when the world is suffering through this horrid pandemic and we're all on some sort of lockdown... but, I hope you're all staying safe and doing wonderful things at home.

In NSW, all non-essential businesses are closed and we're only allowed to leave the house for four reasons in groups of two people who live together: medical care, exercise, grocery and work. Anything else will get you a hefty fine.

It's scary and awful, but I wish people would just listen and stop going to beaches, hanging out in parks, and acting like total assholes.

Personally, we only leave the apartment for our daily walks and grocery shopping. That's more than enough times to cross paths with people I want nowhere near me. 😬

Anyway, enough about all this depressing shit. 

This week I decided to tackle the two ongoing projects hounding my brain:
  • Creepy monster short story (finished first draft over the weekend)
  • Horror mystery novella (finished first draft earlier this month)
I even gave myself a deadline to have these finished by: April 10th.

So, this is how the week turned out:
  • Monday: Transferred short story from phone to laptop & completed second draft @ 4,786w. 
  • Tuesday: Started novella second draft & revised 18/48pgs + added 710w. 
  • Wednesday: Continued revising novella second draft 38/48pgs + added 144w.
  • Thursday: Completed second draft of novella @ 17,705 (50pgs).
  • Friday: Completed third draft of short story @ 4,640w.
Considering the crazy state of the world at the moment, I'm actually really happy about this week's progress. And hope I can keep this momentum going into next week and meet the goal/deadline I mentioned above.

Asides from writing, I've continued to read a selection of books I've wanted to get stuck into for ages. March turned out to be an AWESOME month for reading. Unfortunately, on the first day of April I DNFd three books. 😒

Still, that bad start didn't last for long because I soon found myself totally hooked on a book called GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

We've also gotten back into yoga and keep going for walks as much as we can. The walking's become a bit of a problem because too many people have decided to clog the river path. I don't have any problem with sharing the path with others, but these casual people don't seem to have any common courtesy.

Even during a fucking pandemic, people still have to act like assholes.

Anyway, I hope you're all staying safe.

Have a good weekend! Although, with the days all blending together, the weekends don't mean much anymore.

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