Monday 7 January 2019

Guest blog post from Andrea Johnson

Today, Andrea Johnson--or you might know her as Little Red Reviewer--is dropping in to talk a bit about her Kickstarter project.

Check it out:

Spoiler alert!  The Best of Little Red Reviewer contains spoilers!

Why in the world would I spoil a book in a book review?  Why in the world would I blab about the big reveal? A few reasons, actually.

I read a lot of older books. I do not in any way feel bad about spoiling a plot point in a book that was published 40 some years ago, or in some cases 15 years ago. Trust me, it is not going to affect your reading enjoyment to know how a book from the 70s ends. In fact, I've now given you an interesting bit of trivia for your next party!

If you're reading and reviewing a long running series, how do you talk about the 4th or 5th book in a series without revealing something that happened in a prior book? You probably can't. Don't beat yourself up about it.  I'm specifically thinking right now of the 5th book in Kage Baker's Company series (I've not even finished reading this series yet!). That fifth book, The Life of the World to Come, boy did that book piss me off. I mean, I loved it – it had me laughing out loud, I got really angry at the characters, there were some people I wanted to punch, but then I didn't want to punch them because there is no way they could have known that their little decisions would have affected the earlier books in series in such a way. . . right? Isn't time travel fun? Kage Baker was the master of the long game, and I'm pretty sure what I thought were the “big reveals” in The Life of the World to Come were more like baby reveals.   In my review of that book, I absolutely have to spoil some major plot points in the first two books of the series.  #SorryNotSorry.

That brings me to my favorite reason why you shouldn't be mad that you are going to run into spoilers in The Best of Little Red Reviewer.

Because I'm only spoiling the plot.

By only spoiling the plot, I've not touched the best surprises.  I've not told you how a book will break your heart. I've not told you how and when a certain character will tell you that you're not alone.  I've not told you how the divorced dad will know he's a better father than he thought, how love springs up in surprising places, or how we're already living in the future.

I've not spoiled anything about how the book will help you find your chosen family, how you'll go on the adventure of your life by turning the page,  or how you'll need some time to find your way back to yourself afterwards. I've not told you what your personal experience with the book is going to be, which is the best part of any book.

So yeah, there are spoilers in The Best of Little Red Reviewer.  But I think you'll be okay in the long run.

Click here to learn more about the Kickstarter for The Best of Little Red Reviewer. Can  my best book reviews exist outside the internet? Let's find out!

Andrea, thanks for stopping by!

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