Sunday 18 February 2018

Revision: Week One

Hey! It's been a while since I posted a writing update. Or any update, really. LOL.

January kinda slipped away before I had a chance to really grasp it. My daughter was on summer break and the new year always takes some getting used to, so I spent most of last month reading, organising my stationery & books, plus trying to plan upcoming projects for the next six months.

I have a lot of first drafts to revise this year, but I also want to squeeze some new writing in. So I'm trying to balance everything in a way that allows me to finish some projects, as well as have fun with new ones.

The first project on the list is my YA horror tentatively titled Haunted. I decided to start with this one because I've already started the revision process.

So, this is what I wanted to do this week:
  • Use my new Acer Switch 5 laptop for the first time (it's awesome!)
  • Reach page 110 of third draft (done!)
  • Read another novella from FULL DARK, NO STARS (DNFd novella Big Driver)
  • Watch WESTWORLD S1 (done!)

By the end of the week I was sitting on page 182/214. Even though the total page and word count has been going up and down all week because I've cut a lot of words--and even a few subplots that didn't add to the story--I also added new words. 

I'm happy about going way over my weekly goal, BUT it doesn't mean I'm anywhere near finished yet. My Add/Tweak List was pretty big before I started and I soon realised there's still quite a bit I'd like to do before calling The End to this draft. 

Not to mention the chapter I deleted because I want to completely rewrite it. O.o

Looking forward to getting back into it after taking the weekend off.

Now, about WESTWORLD. We got sucked into it instantly. I mean, how could we not? It's a futuristic story about the depravity of man set in a wild west park where humans (guests) use and abuse robots (hosts) over and over again. It's one of those stories that makes you realise just how awful people can be and raises a lot of moral and ethical issues. Most of which quickly put you on the side of the synthetic beings.

A LOT happens in these ten episodes, but everything matters. It's all essential to the plot. Yep. Even the oversexualised scenes that at first appear to be typical HBO T&A stuff, but are really another way of showing the greed of man. And just how far he's willing to go when there aren't real consequences.

I LOVED it so much. And because we were SO engrossed in the show, we kept thinking about what was going on and quite a bit of our theories were spot on. I can't get the utterly BRILLIANT depth of character & narrative out of my head. THIS is how you write an intricate plot with engrossing characterisation. 

Yes, I have a lot of thoughts and much respect for this totally addictive show. Bring on the second season!

Well, that was my week. How was yours?

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