Monday 11 December 2017


There's Someone Inside Your House
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG. I loved this!

I seriously LOVED this book.

Not only does it fit perfectly into the slasher genre, but the characters are cool. The setting is perfectly creepy. The tension was so thick and mounted so well I read the whole book in a few sittings.

I was hooked to every page.

Makani Young used to have a different surname when she lived in Hawaii with her parents. Now she's been living with her grandmother in small-town Nebraska. She has a few close friends, keeps an eye on her grandmother, and has a crush on a loner with pink hair.

Osborne is a quiet place without much trouble. So when teenagers start getting murdered in gruesome and staged ways, everyone gets scared and suspicious.

As the search for the killer escalates, Makani and her friends might end up becoming the killer's next target...

Yikes. What an awesome, fun and stabby story!

I loved that there were several mysterious threads weaving in and out of the story: what's Makani's secret? Why is Ollie the topic of rumour? Who is the killer? Why is the killer targeting these particular kids? All of these questions become so deeply twisted around each other that the more I read, the less I wanted to put the book down. It's a real page-turner.

And I loved the writing too. Third person POV was perfect for this kind of story because of the way each victim is introduced. I found myself getting into each kid so quickly that their deaths really hit me! Hooking in a reader so quickly that sympathy swamped me right away takes some good writing.

The characters were also very cool. Makani, the relatively new girl with secrets. Alex, her outspoken friend. Darby, the friend who gets caught in the middle. Ollie, the mysterious and misunderstood guy she falls for. Grandma Young was one of my faves because she's so cute and supportive of Makani in a way her parents never were.

Yeah, there's a lot to love in this book. Especially if you're like me and love all types of horror, and have a soft spot for teenage slashers because you grew up watching them.

I hope Stephanie Perkins writes more horror because she's got a knack for telling a spooky tale with a great dollop of teenage drama.


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