Sunday 16 July 2017


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I started reading this odd but wonderful book on my Kindle the other night, and have been captivated ever since.

Nancy slipped into another world and now that she's back, she just can't adjust. She hardly eats, dresses in monochrome shades, and stands so still she practically becomes a statue. These were all qualities she learned and perfected in the dead place she really calls home. Not to mention that her hair is mostly white.

So her parents send her away to boarding school. But Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children isn't an average school. It's a place where these returned kids go to stay and hopefully learn how to deal with adjusting back into the world they were born into but just can't live comfortably in anymore.

When Nancy arrives she's as lost as ever, and slowly becomes friends with the kids who've returned from darker places. But when the bodies start showing up, there's no denying someone is targetting the school...

Wow. This story is quite amazing. And whimsical. Magical. Full of so much pain and wonder. I absolutely loved everything about it. The characters are all fascinating in their very own way. It's also very diverse and challenges gender roles so well. The concept itself is also genius! Kids who were lost after finding and stepping through magical doorways into strange worlds who then can't return to their previous lives, and instead are left haunted and yearning for the other worlds.

Like I said: amazing.

Also, the way the story is told is so nice. It's like a modern fairy tale with a dark fantasy slant that's been cleverly dipped in horror. It's really beautiful and sad and strange.

Yes, I did love this story a lot.

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