Friday 26 August 2016

Doing stuff & Ideas & Reading

Yep. This is exactly what I've been doing the last few weeks. Doing stuff that most days makes me feel like I haven't actually done much.

See, I'm used to keeping track of my daily word/page count output, so not having the daily figures to back up my progress makes me feel like I haven't achieved much. It's only when I take a step back that I realise I did get quite a bit done.

The ol' brain likes to lie sometimes. :/

And that's why I try not to focus on stats all the time. It's best to just do what needs to be done and keep crossing things off my to-do list. And what's that exactly? Well, lately I've been getting the itch to write more short stories. So there's a bunch of stuff spinning inside my head. And because I've had a bit of trouble concentrating lately--too many ideas make for a cluttered mind--and when I do it's mostly to write/plan/brainstorm novel-sized tales, I've been toying with smaller idea nuggets. Plus I've tried looking up a few short story markets, to see what's out there.

I'm also reasearching agents. Thinking about a bunch of book ideas that require interesting research. Thinking about NaNoWriMo. Find myself in the mood to read odd and whimsical stories that toe the darkness. And I'm excited about the fact RAISING SOME HELL will be published next year and will still feature this perfect cover!

Like always, I've got a lot on my mind. So I want to get out of my head a bit more and get into the cycle I enjoy when it comes to work: a busy production line with a bunch of projects and possibilities.

Besides, I like to keep busy with reading and writing.  It makes me happy. Stops me from getting twitchy. And keeps me (mostly) sane. ;)

Have a great weekend!

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