Saturday 5 December 2015


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I borrowed this book from the library, and man is it AWESOME! It's hard to pinpoint a genre for this book because it's an amazing mix of YA, western, paranormal, magic, myth & the supernatural.

Nettie Lonesome is a lot of things (which you can read about in the blurb), but the main thing is that she's brave and totally awesome. She might have been beaten down a lot and doesn't know her origins, but when it comes down to it she cares about people and never gives up.

Living in the shitty town of Gloomy Bluebird with a couple who treat her like crap isn't much fun, but she's good with horses so that gives her some worth. The night she kills a man who turns out to be some kind of monster, she decides to take life into her own hands and becomes a cowpoke.

Now that she's killed one creature, she starts seeing all of them. When disaster strikes and she loses her only friend, she's forced to run away. She meets a guy who calls himself Coyote Dan and his annoying sister, Winifred. Together, they set out to find the worst monster of all: Cannibal Owl, aka Pia Mupitsi. This means becoming a Durango Ranger, which involves facing monster ALL THE TIME...

OMG. This book is amazing. Awesome. Brilliant. Hooked me in from the very beginning and kept me glued to the page all the way through. I absolutely LOVED it and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. Not to mention that Nettie is such a cool and interesting character. Plus the cast of characters is so diverse and awesome. Seriously! ♡

Can't wait to read the next book...

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