Sunday 27 December 2015


This is the October HORROR BLOCK box:

And here's what we found when we opened it up:


I have to admit that I was a little surprised/disappointed to find that there was no Halloween movie and/or Michael Myers item included in this box. I mean, this would've been the perfect time to include him, right? But nope. Instead I found Jason and Chucky.
So I'm not going to complain about receiving such an awesomely cool Jason Voorhees T-shirt, but the fact there was a Friday the 13th in November... Anyway, you know what I'm getting at.
Still, I loved a lot of these items: 

The Chucky doll is creepy cute and very well made. The Jason tee is absolutely awesome. And the Ouija board mouse pad is super clever.
I was a LOT happier with this month's effort.
Here's a closer look at the tee:

Have a horror-bulous day!

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