Monday 3 December 2012

It's a wet Monday...

Yeah, it is. And I'm kinda over the shitty rainy weather already. Sure, it's only been going for a few days but it's summer now and I want me some sunny, lovely days with blue skies. Not this dark and dreary crap that belongs in winter. :/
Enough bitching about the weather.
We had an awesome weekend, though I wish it wasn't over. They're never long enough, are they? I did get some awesome (awesome) news that had me giddy all weekend. Okay, I'm still giddy about it. Hopefully I can share the news soon. :)
Hubby coloured my hair on Saturday, and it looks great! I was also happy about not suffering any sort of allergic reaction, like what happened in early October. I went back to using the brand that was working for me, just chose a different colour. This time I used Raspberry Black, and I really like it. 
So, what else did I do? Well, not much really. We had a nice relaxing weekend, though we did buy my daughter's high school uniform! I can't believe she's starting high school next year. Actually, this Wednesday, I'm going to attend Orientation Day. Yikes!
Okay. That's it for today. Haven't got much planned for this week, except for the to-do list I put together last week. 

BTW, if you're interested... I blogged over at Samhain last Friday.

Have a nice day!

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