Friday 5 August 2011


Wow, I didn't realise I hadn't popped in here for days. But things have been super busy this week.

Remember how I mentioned we were going to see CAPTAIN AMERICA the other night? Well, we went, and OMG was it awesome! I absolutely loved everything about it. I seriously enjoyed it, and can't wait to see it again. (And not just because I'm a huge Chris Evans fan, either.)

Oh, and if you go to watch it, make sure you stay until the very end. I mean, don't move until the credits are done, because it's well worth it! ;)

I've been very impressed with the Marvel movies so far, and look forward to The Avengers movie next year.

Well, as of this morning, IRIS is done. I spent a big chunk of yesterday going through the proof, which meant I didn't get a chance to add many new words to my current WIP. So, for the last two days, all I managed to add was just over 2,000 words.

That means the Sierra Fox #2 word count has hit 10,882. Which, considering my goal for the end of today is 20k, isn't really that great. :/ Still, I intend to spend all day writing.

Realistically speaking, if I can reach the 15k mark, I think that would be great progress. I've actually got pages full of notes for the next three chapters, everything's really coming alive in this installment now... and I can't wait to get stuck into the thick of things. Poor Sierra, she's going to go through some pretty bad things in this one. Mean writer that I am! ;)

The weather this week has been outstanding, though. We've had clear skies and warm temps all week. I hope it continues, because I've got no problem getting stuck into spring a month early. lol.

Well, better get going now. Have a great weekend!

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