Monday 22 August 2011

Good morning, New Week!

How was your weekend? We had another lovely couple of days. This was the second weekend in a row that hubby didn't work on Saturday morning, so we had a cool time relaxing, hanging out, going for walks, and catching up on some movies/shows. Very cool.

I also spent some time reading this book. It's no wonder that Rachel Caine is one of my most fave authors--she's got such a compelling voice, and intriguing stories that totally suck me in!

As I mentioned last week, my reading attention span has been a little restless lately... so it's really cool to get caught up in a book. :)

Well, this week is going to be packed with editing and writing. I have the first round of SINFUL to edit, and want to continue to add words to Sierra Fox #2. I got 9/151pgs edited this morning. That's not much, but it's because I also had to squeeze in yoga. I'll be working on the editing during the morning, and writing after lunch.

These are my daily goals: edit 40pgs + add 3k to WIP.

It's going to be tough work and it'll keep me real busy, but I hope it's doable. As of Friday afternoon, SF#2 was up to 69,106 words. That total put me 2 days ahead of my first-draft schedule, and by adding 3k/day this week, I can keep it ahead. So, fingers crossed!

I guess I'll know this afternoon, if these goals are realistic or not. Either way, I'm determined to have the edits emailed back by Friday, and want to cross the 80k-mark on my WIP as well. Very ambitious, huh? ;)

Okay, gotta get my daughter off to school soon! See ya.

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