Tuesday 23 August 2011


I'm going to try and check-in every single day this week. :)

Yesterday, turned out to be a success. Yay. This is what I managed to get done:

Sinful Edits:     46/155 pages
Sierra Fox #2:  72,248 words.

That means I got my Monday goals met: I completed the first 40pgs of edits + added another 3k to my WIP.

Now, I just hope I can keep dong that...

This morning--because it wasn't a yoga morning, which takes time away from editing and/or writing--I got stuck into the Sinful edits first thing this morning, and got another 20pgs done. So, I'm now sitting on pg66/154. Not a bad start!

Oh, and last night, something about the next stage of my WIP popped into my head. It's about how the next chapter was going to go. I originally imagined it organised and with the characters' plan going ahead... now, I think I'm going to go another way. This'll completely throw everyone out, and will make things very bad for Sierra. :(


The sun tried to push past the clouds all day yesterday, and only managed a few times. I'm hoping that it does today. I'm tired of overcast and rainy weather. I need to feel that springtime vibe again. We did get a taste of it a few weeks ago, I'd like it back. lol.

Okay. Have a great day! 

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