Monday 15 August 2011


So, how was your weekend?

The weather could've been better around here, but we still got a chance to go for our daily walks, which is always cool.


Some days are better than others. And although I had an awesome weekend with hubby, daughter and kitty--hubby actually had the whole weekend off this time, yay--the weekend ended on a bit of a sour note. Sometimes, speaking up just doesn't pay off...

Anyway. I don't want to go into it. I actually want to concentrate on the fact that it's a new week, and I've got a whole new bunch of words I want to write. I'm still very excited about the book I'm writing and refuse to let anything dampen my enthusiasm. :)

As of Friday afternoon, my word count was 45,782. That's 5k over my goal for the end of last week. Awesome, right? I also had to stop in the middle of a chapter, and could've kept going... but it was time to head out to pick my daughter up from school. But it doesn't matter, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it today. As soon as I drop my daughter off at school and get back from my walk, I intend to get stuck into it again. Cool!

I've also started reading this book. It's really interesting, so far. I was going to read this book next--because I can't wait to read it--but when I cracked it open and realised it's in first-person POV, I had to push it back. See, I'm a bit weird... but when I'm writing a story in first person, I make it a rule not to read any books in the same POV. And vice versa, when I'm writing in the third person POV. I know it might sound a little strange, but it's just a rule I've had for many years and will continue to stick with it. :) 

Y'know, I think I've used today's pic before. Oh well. lol.

Okay. I better step away from the blogging and get my daughter some breakfast. :)

Have a great day!

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