Saturday 21 May 2011

WILD GHOST CHASE by Ericka Scott

Two reality-show ghost-busting teams versus one haunted house.

The first team to successfully exorcise the spirits wins the renewal of their television contract. It sounds like a pretty straight-forward competition, but something or someone at Harrington House has another agenda.

Over the course of a weekend, the two teams with their respective technical advisers, a supposedly impartial network executive, and the beautiful owner of Harrington House find it isn’t just the ghosts who are running amok. A killer is on the loose and if they don’t work together, they could all become permanent residents.

"A scary, thrilling ride through a haunted house story with a twist. It's a page-turner!"
--Yolanda Sfetsos

I've been looking forward to reading this story since I first heard Ericka Scott chatting about the idea she had on her blog a few years ago. And I'm very lucky to have gotten to read an advance copy of it, because it was quite a scary ride!

Malcolm and Monica McFee might be twins, but they're very different. For starters, Monica is a skeptic born into a psychically-gifted family. Malcolm has no choice but to believe because of what he can see around him. Still, they both work together on a show called Happily Ever Afterlife.

However, their next assignment includes teaming up with their biggest competition--the rival show, Bump in the Night. The two teams will have to spend a weekend at the Harrington House in Crescent Cove, and the losing team gets voted off the air. So, the twins and their cameraman head out to the house and meet up with Irene Hopkins and Enigma Mysterio.

From the moment the teams arrive, strange things start to happen. Those who are sensitive to ghosts start to see them, those who aren't are taken advantage of, and someone is playing all of them. Yet, there's something really dark lurking in the Harrington House, something that won't stop until it's satisfied...

Told primarily in the POV of Malcom and Monica as they each go through their very different paths, it also provides insight to several other characters. Essential pieces that take us to different parts of the haunted house and what each character is going through. Also, the terror continues until the very end.

Wild Ghost Chase has a bit of everything. It's an engrossing, thrilling story that keeps you guessing every step of the way. Just when you think you know what's going on, you eventually figure out that you're completely wrong. There's also one spooky situation after another, some which are downright frightening and gave me goosebumps. But at the same time, there are also several tender moments to smooth out the horrifying events underlining the narrative.

I really enjoyed this book. If you like stories about haunted houses with an edge of horror, you'll love it. If you like a good mystery that'll keep you guessing, you'll love it. If you like to be teased with a touch of romance, you'll definitely love this book. Either way, if those three things don't get you, the suspense will!

Wild Ghost Chase is now available from L&L Dreamspell, Kindle, and All Romance eBooks. It will also be available in print very soon.

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Ericka Scott said...

Yolanda - Thank you so much for the totally excellent review. If I hadn't written the book, I'd be running out to buy it!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

You're very welcome, I had a great time reading it! :)

BTW, I'll also add this review to Goodreads once the book shows up. Yay!

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