Wednesday 7 April 2010


Roundhouse Publishing editor Kate C Leever's first letter to her new author was meant to impress upon him the growing demand for vampire romances. And even though he'd expressed little-to-no desire for any publicity, book tours, or similar, it was clear this was an author just waiting to be broken out - despite himself, if necessary. When she suggested attending a romance convention his response - unusually quick to arrive - was succinct: 'No.'

But Kate was adamant: Mr Lucern Argeneau was going to attend a romance convention and meet his fans. By hook or by crook, despite his reclusive nature and odd sleep patterns, the surly yet handsome author would attend. And she was sure that, once there, he would reveal himself to be a true charmer.

Of course, that was before she realised that his 'romances' were more like biographies and it's literally her neck on the line...

This is the second book in the Argeneau series, a family of vampires living modern lives in Toronto. After really enjoying the first book I was looking forward to reading more about them. This is Lucern's story. He's the writer in the family.

He writes paranormal romance books featuring vampires that happen to have the same names as members of his family. His editor has been pestering him to take a more active role in the promotions of his books, something he has no desire to do. But when she travels all the way from New York and knocks on his door hoping to convince him, his hermit-like life is interrupted. Well, okay, it's changed forever.

Kate C. Leever is a headstrong editor who has to find a way to convince her most abrupt and arrogant writer to take a more active role in promoting his highly successful series.

Lucern Argeneau is the most reclusive of the brothers, but isn't spared his mother's meddling ways. That's how he ends up attending Etienne and Rachel's wedding with Kate. After that, he finds himself actually liking the annoying woman who pretty much refuses to go until he says 'yes', instead of his usual 'no'.

And so begins a funny and sexy adventure between them. A lot of which takes place at The Romantic Times convention, where Lucern meets some of his fans and becomes very involved with his editor. They're both unable to fight the attraction, even if doubts don't entirely fade right away...

Single White Vampire was another fun addition to this series. Once again, the multiple POV added to the reading experience. I also enjoyed the funny situations they find themselves in and laughed out loud several times. Although this story is mainly lighthearted and fun, I also like the way Lynsay is able to weave deep emotional attachments, and even an air of danger into the mix.

I guess it's Bastien's turn next. :)

Single White Vampire: Argeneau Vampire Book 2, April 2010, ISBN 978-057-509383-6, Gollancz Paperback


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That was a great book. Loved the part about the codpiece. Such a hilarious scene.

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