Tuesday 6 April 2010

Doesn't feel like a Tuesday...

...so I'm going to treat today like it's a Monday. ;)

How was your long weekend? Ours was awesome! We spent a lot of time relaxing, went for a lovely walk every day, worked out a little, read, caught up on some movies, enjoyed some nice meals, and just had a good time being together as a family.

It was great. If only every weekend could be this long. lol.

Today also marks the (official) first day of my daughter's school holidays. She goes back to school in exactly two weeks. I think she's got plenty of stuff to keep her busy, plus we'll be doing some stuff together too. But she knows that I've also got a personal writing goal to achieve--the second draft of a novel. Yep. This happens to be a story in The Hidden series. Book 5, to be precise. I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it.

The aim of this revision game: complete 38 pages per day for 10 days (not including weekends).

If I can do that, then I can get the second draft done by the time my daughter goes back to school. The first draft is 380 pages long, but that'll probably change. I think lots of stuff will get moved around/deleted/added because I wrote this book a while ago. The same thing happened when I revised Book 4 last year, but that's fine. Whatever it takes to sharpen, fix, and make it a better story...

This month, I'm one of the Featured Authors at The Romance Studio. So if you'd like to read a little more about CARELESS, you can check out my interview. :)

Also, today you can read my first guest blog post about my upcoming Eternal Press novel, SHADE OF GREY. It's over at Cate Masters' blog. Thanks Cate!

Well, I guess I better stop blogging and get revising. Catch'a later!


J.L. Campbell said...

Skipped over from the WCP group. Sounds like you have a lot going on. Revision is not my favourite thing, but once I get going, I do what needs to be done. Hope you meet your target.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hi Joy! Thanks for stopping by. It's great to meet you. :)

Thanks, and yeah... revision's like that, isn't it? It's not my fave thing either but the results are always SO worth it.

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