Thursday 8 April 2010

Sometimes you just miss a day...

And that's what happened to me yesterday. I ran out of time and didn't get a chance to blog. Although, I did post a new book review. So that's something, I suppose.

<---See this pic to the left, I took it last week with my phone. It's my cute, little Marvel Thor plush doll. Isn't he cute? I found him on eBay several weeks ago and couldn't resist him. I ended up placing a bid right away and won him. He's SO darn cute. If you don't already know, yeah, I'm a Thor fan. ;)

Well, tackling revision is always a time-consuming thing... especially when my daughter's home 24/7 and there are still plenty of daily things that need to be tackled. Still, I'm doing my best to keep to my daily goals. And as of last night I reached page 82/388. The word count started at 74,088 and is now at 76,468. And I'm not even halfway through yet. But I kinda expected this to happen.

I wrote this novel during the NaNoWriMo frenzy of 2006. I actually managed to write 73k in one month, way past the required 50k. It was hard work but the story just came so easily. However, since then I've learnt a lot of things about writing, and even my voice has changed a little. So there's a lot to delete, change, and replace. I'm finding that the core of the story was there from the start, as well as the character motivation and the adventure that she embarks on, but there's a lot of internal stuff--for lack of a better word--that isn't. And that's what I'm doing at the moment.

I'm not surprised at all. It's the same thing that happened when I revised Book 4 last year. That took two complete drafts to fix up, and it became a much deeper and larger story because of it. I'm hoping I can do the same with this one. I have a love-hate relationship with second drafts. It's when I start to question myself about every nitty-gritty details. It's also when I start to dislike everything about the story, but if I push on by the time it's time to get stuck into the third draft, the excitement is there again.

Revision is where the real work comes in, but there's also a lot to be proud of at the end of it. :)

Hubby left for work a lot earlier than he usually does so our day's going to be a little different today. My daughter and I are going to pop into the library this morning, go for our walk then, and have lunch when we get back. After that, I'm hoping to squeeze in an extra revision session. I'll see how it goes, because time slips away faster than you realise when you've got stuff to do.

Have a good one!

PS. It looks like the website that hosts the cute clock on my sidebar hasn't turned back their clocks for Sydney yet. So if you're wondering, the actual time is one hour earlier than what it's stating at the moment. ;)

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