Monday 29 December 2008

Well, it's back to Monday

Yep. How was your Christmas break? I hope you all had a great and relaxing time. :) We had a great 4-day weekend together, but it wasn't relaxing. Lol.

Sure, Christmas Day was a lovely and quiet day. We had a lovely lamb roast, went for a nice relaxing walk and just hung out. It was cool. Then Boxing Day, we got started on painting our bedroom. By the end of the day the whole thing was done and dry. Actually, while painting the disgusting old carpet was getting in the way, so hubby pulled it all out.

So, we were living on concrete. :/ Something I thought we'd be able to take for at least a month. But I was wrong. I've got a very sensitive sense of smell (even though I'm clogged up most of the time. I know, very weird) and the concrete stench felt as if it was collecting inside my nasal passage. So, on Saturday, we popped into a store to check out some carpet, picked some, and arranged to have it installed ASAP.

The guys were over early this morning. And my gosh, between the awesome paint and the gorgeous, bouncy carpet, the bedroom looks awesome. Warm, comfy and serene. The only thing left now is a wall of shelves with doors. I can't wait. It looks like we might be getting some of them next weekend. It's going to be great to have my books in the one place. Instead of all over the place.

So, after the hubby went to work, my daughter and I went into her room. Although a lot of the mess in there is because of me, her desk was disgusting. She kept stacking things on top of things, and sticking others inside bags. WTF? Anyway. Several hours later we've dumped a bag of rubbish and another of recycling - just from one corner of her room. Amazing!

She has a desk that serves as a dumping ground. Of course, it sounds like the reason why I got rid of my desk. ;) I just want her to get used to having things nice and neat. Not the organised chaos I'm used to. Heee. Heeee.

Anyway. I'd like to add a few more notes to my WIP Word doc now. I know, more additions. Lol. This world keeps growing and growing...

Have a great day!

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