Sunday 21 December 2008


Mercenary Kate Daniels cleans up urban problems of a paranormal kind. But her latest prey, a pack of undead warriors, presents her greatest challenge.

Okay, here's another awesome urban fantasy book. And I have no idea why it's taken me so long to grab it! What the hell's wrong with me? Lol. In my defence, there are so many great UF books out there that sometimes, some slip past me. Or my book budget. Still, as long as I eventually catch up, that's fine.

I picked this book up on Friday. I read one chapter during the day and another at night. Only because I didn't have too much spare time. On Saturday, however, I got stuck into it and by the end of the day had about 60 pages left - which I finished shortly after waking this morning.

Man, what a fantastic read! I love Kate and the cast of characters introduced in this magical world. It's unique, different and awesome! Of course, as soon as I finished this book, I ordered the second one and added the third to my 2009 to-buy list. ;)

No wonder I LOVE this genre!

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