Friday 26 September 2008

You know what day it is!

So, I'm in a great mood. :D Bring on the weekend.

<--- Have I used this picture before? Lol. Suddenly it looks very familiar. *scratches head*

Okay, I'm going to start with a word count update:

As you can see, I've passed my 80k word count goal. So, that's awesome. The novel is pretty much finished. I just want to re-read the last two chapters to make sure I included everything. There were several things that needed to be tied up, and after I'd finished and was walking over to my daughter's school, I thought of a few other things.
Still, the bulk of it is now done. How exciting! I'm really glad with how it worked out. Now I need to sit down to take some more notes and possibly write a brief outline for the next two installments. It's all very exciting. :) And I think it'll be fun to return to these characters.
My daughter's on school holidays for a few weeks. So, until the middle of October, she'll be home with me. I'm still going to give myself weekly goals, but they'll have to be (much) smaller things. I mean, I won't be writing any novels next month, that's for sure. :D Although NaNo's just around the corner, and I'm planning to take part in that. Heeee. Heeee.
It looks like we'll finish up SEX AND THE CITY this weekend. You know, we're up to the bit where she's started dating the artist, and I just remembered how much I disliked him the first time I watched the series. Ugh. He's so not for Carrie. Why can't she see that? Is it because she's been through so much crap with dates and men that she's lost her judgement? Strange to look at it that way, I suppose.
Okay. That's it for me today. Make sure you have a great weekend!

ytd word count: 332,051

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