Monday 29 September 2008

TV Weekend

So, on Friday night we finished off SEX AND THE CITY. It was SO cool to see the whole series a second time. And I'm happy to say that the hubby loved the show too.

Can't wait to see the movie! It's released in the middle of October, here in Oz. So we'll be borrowing and watching it as soon as we get it. It'll be good to catch up with the characters and see if the movie feels the same as the show.

On Saturday night, we caught up on SUPERNATURAL.

I've been hanging to see how the new season was going to go. And man, wow! My mind's buzzing with the possibilities already. It's so good to catch up with Dean and Sam. And of course, when Bobby's around, it's that much better too. :) I really like where they're going. I've always been fascinated with Angels and Demons. I've explored it in several of my own stories (this is one). Anyway, I'm liking the angel angle and can't wait to see why they need Dean. Although I have a theory that includes the two brothers now sitting on the opposite side of the spectrum. ;)

Loved the first two episodes. Bring on the rest!
Last night we watched the first two episodes of FRINGE. I've been intrigued by the concept since I saw the first ad. One of the channels here has decided to play it about a week behind the U.S. so that's always great news.

The verdict: Wow! I'm hooked. Actually, my hubby is hooked too. I wasn't sure if he would like it because he wasn't an X-FILES fan. Oh, and I wasn't sure if both of us would like it because the guy from LOST had something to do with it. LOST, IMO, is a total mess. You never find out anything. But it looks like this one's different.

There's a deeper, longer thread happening from the beginning, but each new case seems to be self-contained. I like that. Actually, I can't wait to see more. It's a definite keeper.

On Sunday, we're going to watch THE MENTALIST, which has the Aussie actor, Simon Baker. He's great, and the concept of the show sounds interesting. Oh, and the second season of CALIFORNICATION starts the same night too. Loved the first season, can't wait to see how they screw up the characters in this one. LMAO.

There you have it. We're once again back into TV-show galore. :D I need to find out when HEROES starts here, too.


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