Monday 22 September 2008

Sometimes, not so Fabulous!

You know, I'd forgotten how pissed off I got with Carrie the first time I watched her pre-wedding breakdown.

I mean, it was so obvious that she never really loved Aidan. I'm pretty sure that she loved the idea of him more than the actual man. With a good dose of guilt for what she did to him, too. Yet, in the end she says yes because the ring was nice.


She can be so annoying sometimes. They all can. But you know, that's what I LOVED about SEX AND THE CITY. That we have four seemingly average hardworking women, with many flaws. Most of the time they don't even know what they want. And when they do get what they think they want, it's not what they imagined. Or not really what they were after.

Phew. *taking a breath*

I just love characters that get under your skin this way, whether it's to make you happy, sad, angry or annoyed. I love the rawness of this show. We're now up to the end of season 4. We'll hopefully watch the last two eps tonight after the hubby gets home. Man, I might have already seen these, but I'm enjoying it as much - if not maybe more - than the first time around. It's also interesting and fun to hear what the hubby thinks.

Man, I can't wait to see the movie! Next month, next month... :D

Well, this week is an early-start week for hubby, so I got stuck into the writing and managed to reach my goal before 1pm. That's always a cool thing. I'm going to pick the lappy up for another hour after it recharges and hopefully add another 1k. But for now, I'm right here:
Pretty cool, though I think I'll have to sit down this afternoon sometime and make a list of everything that needs to happen and be resolved by the end of this draft. I mean, it's all there floating around inside my head, but it makes more sense and I don't lose things if I write/list it on a clean piece of paper. I'm so excited, so close to the end now.

See ya!

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