Wednesday 23 January 2008

The non-writing saga continues...

You know, I keep complaining about how much of a drag it is to not be able to sit down and write when I feel like it. It's been a constant thing during the last four weeks. I feel like all I do lately is whine. But you know who's also keen on school starting? Loki. Yep. The poor kitty's all over the place. He loves routine and there hasn't been much of one lately. Besides, my daughter won't leave the poor boy alone. :/

Not long now. Wednesday. I can make it. Three more days of swimming. Three-day weekend. Then one more day of just the two of us. Yeah, I can do it.

Yesterday I decided to spend the morning doing stuff with my daughter and didn't sit down with the novel revision until late afternoon. I got 15 pages in and adjusted the Word doc to reflect all the changes. The word count's going up. The story sounds so much better, but I still don't have enough time to devote to it. I haven't gotten past the first chapter yet.

When my daughter starts school, I want to get stuck into the first draft of an 80-90k novel. Nothing's going to stop me from writing something new during February! Which means I have four days to get through 250 pages of revision. It's not gonna happen. So what do I do? Put it aside and concentrate on little bits and pieces (like I've been doing all month) or keep going and get as far as I can. It's just so hard to concentrate when I'm being interrupted every few minutes.

The hubby thinks I'm being too hard on myself. And I guess he's right, but I can't help it. I like to set a deadline and stick to it. And when I don't... well, this is the result. Edgy, whiny me. Very unlike-me behaviour. ;)

Okay, better decide what to do while I clean the litter box. Catch'a later!


Debra Moore said...

Sorry you're having such a hard time...it really is hard to concentrate on something as thought-involving as writing when someone's asking you questions every five minutes. I broke down and locked the bedroom door on Saturday and told my daughter and her friend "unless the house is on fire, you'd better not come in here!" They probably thought I'd lost my mind, but I can tell you (and I don't need to--you already know) you can go crazy wanting to write and not being able to!

Life interrupts art...sigh. It's a curse. But don't worry! You will get back on the Yo Train! I know you--you won't give up until you do!

All the best!

Lisa Shearin said...

Yep, it drives me nuts when I can't stick to my schedule. My husband always knows when my writing's not going well -- cranky is an understatement.

Yolanda, if you have time today could you pop over to my blog? I'd like your input on my topic today. I've got some new project ideas, and I'd love to have your feedback.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Deb! Thanks for popping in. :)

Yeah, here's hoping I get the chance to get back into it at the end of next week. :/ It's just so darn frustrating. She wasn't this bad last year.

Lisa, hi! :D Oh gosh, a schedule. I miss a schedule. Lol. Oh, no prob. I'll pop in right now.

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