Friday 16 March 2007

Let's talk about music...

The other day we got Hinder's album - Extreme Behavior. Thanks for recommending it Samantha! I finally had enough time to put it on today, and boy it's just my kind of music. I love it. Lips of an Angel and Better than Me are especially great. ;) I know this album's going to be responsible for a bunch of ideas.

Speaking of cool songs, we also got a bunch of singles. And I absolutely love Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.
Love their sound, the way the music changes so many times during the one song. What about that creepy cover? Lol. This is their only song I've heard. Well, except for the other song on the single, which is also excellent. Might have to check out their album too.

The other song I'm really into at the moment is by the Aussie band Silverchair. You guys heard of them? I know they've had stuff released in the US. Anyway, instead of trying to explain it or finding a pic of the cover, here's the filmclip. Now you can watch the clip, listen to the song and see who the boys are:

The quality isn't the best, but the clip's on their MySpace page too if you want to see it properly.

Also got George Michael's latest album called Twenty Five. This one's packed with songs. A lot of his great old songs, and even some new ones. :)

The hubby showed me this last night. If you're a Spiderman fan and you're looking forward to the new movie, then check it out. There's about 7 minutes of footage, different bits. An action scene, a romantic one and a very touching one. It's worth checking out. I personally can't wait for the movie. It looks like quite a ride!

Well, today I took it easier than I have all week.

On my walk home after dropping my daughter off at school I had a new idea pop into my head. It was a pretty good one, I think. It involves a black cat, since a very friendly little cat I see every morning was the one that sparked off the idea. Gotta write the snippets down before I forget. I've got so much in there at the moment...

I also put in my first proposal and had it accepted! Yay. Very exciting stuff. Since I'm a pantser, I hardly do this kind of thing but this idea just grew and grew until there was the proposal. Okay, do you get I'm excited? ;)

Anyway, I better get going now.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Randomly found your blog.

I like Hinder's Better than Me. He's got a great voice.

I can't stand MCR's single the Black Parade. A guy had his head phones on, and sang to the top of his lungs all the lyrics to that song really badly. I can't listen to the song without giggling now.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hi and welcome to my blog! :)

He does have a great voice, I'm really into the whole album.

It's too bad that someone wrecked that song for you. :/

Anyway, nice to meet you.

Missy Sue said...

Hi, Yolanda!! (waving) Came in through the back door over at Cobblestone, lol! I love your site and your blogs! Do you have work in the Masquearade anthologies at Aphrodite's Apples? I just recently became one of their cover artists! Coinkydink, lol! Thanks for the Spiderman link! I'm in love with those movies!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hi Missy! Welcome and thanks so much, it's wonderful to meet you!

Wow, yeah, I've got a story in the Masquerade Volume 3 and have a novel coming out with AA soon. Congrats on becoming one of their cover artists, I hope to work with you sometime. :)

And no prob about the Spiderman link, aren't these movies fantastic? I love 'em too. Can't wait to see #3!

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