Thursday 22 March 2007


I've been having a terrible run with internet technology this morning! For god's sake! First I had trouble with the new version of Yahoo! Beta and now I just lost a whole post on Blogger. Don't you just hate it when that happens? :/

I certainly do!

Anyway, last night we got the grocery shopping done and even managed to lift some weights. It was really cool because I was starting to worry about how we'd fit in our workouts. Just need to get used to taking each day as it comes.

Well, I've already added another 2k to the story and am so close to finishing, I can feel it. Lol. But seriously, I don't want this one to go over 10k by much. Of course, I can always shorten it during the revision process if I have to, but still. The contest states between 2,500-10,000 words. I'm just happy with how the story is gonna come together in the end. I'm having some fun with it. Isn't fantastic when you can enjoy the tale you're writing, huh? It's certainly very cool.

Okay I better get going because my daughter will start asking for brekky soon. Unlike yesterday when I had to wake her, she woke up on her own today!

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