Tuesday 27 March 2007

Got a bit done...

Well, it's almost time to head out for the afternoon kid pickup. Lol. :D No, seriously, I'm looking forward to picking my daughter up today. She went on her first excursion to Sydney Wildlife World in Darling Harbour.

It's the first time we've let her go on an excursion where she actually left the suburb, so I was a little nervous at first. But she's growing up so quick and there'll be so many other excursions to come, I think it's best to get used to it now.

Hope she had a good time, we haven't been there together as a family yet. :)

Okay, I got about 5k written today. The total word count is currently sitting at 10,024. Not too bad, is it? If I can keep this up I should be alright, though I do have a specialist appointment on Thursday that I'm now not looking forward to attending for several reasons. Firstly because I want to keep writing this tale, and secondly because of little Loki. It's okay to leave him all alone while I walk up to the school and back, but a doctor's appointment will be a few hours. :(

You know what's really cool though? Having a little buddy around the house while I'm writing. He loves falling asleep beside me. He's so darn adorable! And he knows how to use the litter box. That's fantastic!

Okay, better get going for now.


Keziah Hill said...

5,000 in one day? A distant dream for me. I got 1,300 done yesterday and none today. Sigh. You have more discipline than me Yolanda.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Keziah! I'm really determined to get this tale written... though the little kitty tries to interrupt. My before-6am-output has dropped since he's been here. Lol. :D

C. T. Adams said...

HEY KIDDO! I miss you! So proud of the writing stuff. It is so COOL.

Okay, enough fangirlie. LOVE the kitten. He's adorable! Why did you choose the name Loki?

Oh, and if you get a chance, go to the site of the artist that does pictures of Magnus and Loki. I think you'll love 'em.

ANYWAY, thinking of you. Stop by sometime. I'm still using Blogger as well as the MySpace thing.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie! Thanks for stopping by.

I thought of Loki because of Norse Mythology. You know, Loki the trickster? Lol. :D It suits him perfectly too.

Yeah, we need to catch up! :)

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