Wednesday 21 March 2007

Back for a word count update

Do you see a trend here? Lol, I just thought it would be fun to continue the Jensen theme all week. Since he was so serious in yesterday's pic, I thought a smilie one would be cool. :D

Anyway, I just stopped writing because the lappy ran out of juice. I do that all the time, drain it until there's nothing left. I ended up with a total word count of 6,108. So I'm still liking the extra hours in the morning.

The story's moving along very well, I think. Though that could just be first draft excitement. Don't you get all excited while writing a first draft? The main thing at the moment is to get the story out of my head, and so far it's getting out... Lol.


Okay, not much more to say at the moment and it's almost time to head out for a walk. It'll be a great time to think about the rest of the story, which I hope to get through tomorrow. I kinda already know what's gonna happen, but just need to think one section through some more. It could go in two different directions, but which one? ;)


Shelli Stevens said...

You are such a prolific writer! That's awesome. Gosh he is such a hottie.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hello Shelli and Happy B-day! :D

Thanks, I'm really into the swing of things with these two stories. :) And yes, he is such a hottie! I'm having a blast posting different pics of him all week. Lol.

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