Wednesday 5 July 2006

80s Wednesday

I went through a lot of phases as a kid and teenager... especially when it came to music. I slipped from one genre into another pretty quickly, but the phase I stayed in the longest and still enjoy listening to today is hard rock.

There was a lot of teased hair and hairspray. Some of the guys even had better hair than girls (Sebastian Bach comes to mind), guitar solos that totally rocked (Slash's in Sweet Child O' Mine), tight leather pants or jeans (Joey Tempest from Europe) and just some TERRIFIC music that still gets airplay today.

I was totally into Bon Jovi and Europe, but of course appreciated a bunch of others. Alice Cooper's album was outstanding and I even took my brother's t-shirt! His song Poison kicked butt and I still enjoy it while playing Singstar. He. He.

There was a lot of GREAT stuff to listen to. And the cool thing is that it slipped into the 90s and sprouted another bout of excellent music from artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Some of the 80s bands even managed to stick around for a while!

Anyway, I just wanted to use today as a time to tribute HARD ROCK because it gave me many hours of listening pleasure while I was a teenager and helped inspire me into writing. Y'know, when I first started putting pen-to-paper or fingers-to-typewriter, I couldn't listen to anything that wasn't hard rock in the background. It was the only type of music that could fuel my imagination and some songs sparked off ideas. Very cool.

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