Wednesday 5 July 2023

THE DISMEMBERED by Jonathan Janz


The DismemberedThe Dismembered by Jonathan Janz
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I'm going to start this review by saying that I love the cover for this novella. It reminds me of those old gothic covers from yesteryear, but also totally captures the story vibes.

Arthur Pearce is an American writer who has escaped to England because his marriage fell apart. But his plans to write a new novel change during a chance meeting with Sarah Coyle. A stranger who asks for his help, and her strange situation captures his imagination so much, that Arthur finds himself at the stunning Altarbrook, in the middle of some unexpected trouble...

Well, this was a fantastic story! I was captivated from the very beginning and couldn't wait to see where Arthur was going to end up. And boy, it didn't disappoint.

Not only is this story gothic to the core in the way of characters, locations, plot, and lavish households, but it's also quite adventurous. It's unpredictable and violent. Plus so bloody, in the most menacing and crude way. I loved every moment of it.

Actually, I loved everything about this novella, but have to give a special mention to Lizzie. She's such a great character, and SO freaking cool.

Another brilliant thing about this gothic nightmare are all the female characters. None was a damsel, and each had their very own good and not-so good traits.

Oh, and Arthur was pretty cool, too.

I enjoyed this so much!

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