Friday 30 June 2023

June Update!

Hey! How are you today? What have you been up to? Can you believe we're halfway into 2023 already?!

Yikes. Where does the time go, right?

In Oz, June means winter, and you (probably) already know this is my least favourite season. 😫 I have to admit that it took longer than usual for the cold to settle in but now that it's here, it's seeping into my bones. FFS. I hate feeling cold. I much prefer spring and summer. Autumn used to be nice, too. But now the seasons are all muddled up anyway.

On to other things...

In case you missed it, my horror novella, SUFFER THE DARKNESS, was released by DarkLit Press almost two weeks ago, and it's been a whirlwind of awesomeness.

Check it out:

You can pick up a copy from THESE STORES, and add it to Goodreads HERE.

I'm SO excited!! Kae Roscoe's story is sad and dark. Although she gets her wish and her missing daughter returns, as soon as Molly comes back, everything starts to fall apart. It's a nightmarish ride that I hope you'll enjoy.

Everything is super cool now, but it didn't start out that way because Amazon decided to delete all the pre-orders. 😑 But the horror community helped get the word out in a big way (THANK YOU, EVERYONE), and I had a blast celebrating this release. 😁🎉

So, what else did I get up to this month? Oh yeah, I wrote the first draft of a novella. Then got stuck into a short story that came out of nowhere, but happens to be the prequel to one of my upcoming releases, and finished it this week.

Oh, speaking of upcoming releases... have you seen these two announcements?

That's right! My horrormance slasher novel about a group of friends who meet up for a reunion dinner ten years after high school and find themselves in a grisly nightmare, has found a home with Aesthetic Press. And my modern gothic horror novella about a newlywed couple, an old house, and a horrible secret legacy will be released by DarkLit Press.

Both of these will be available next year. Yay!!

I'm very excited about these upcoming stories and can't wait to share more details as their release dates draw near. They're very different, feature characters who find themselves in horrible situations, but both are horror stories I can't wait to share.

Well, this has been such a busy month full of so much that my brain feels like it's turning to mush. I'm really looking forward to spending the weekend with my husband and chilling out for a bit.

Have an awesome one!

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